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Voyagers of culture

They came from Nepal as explorers, as voyagers. They are here on a mission of discovery: to learn as much as they can about the Sri Lankan education and political system.

Let us meet these six extraordinary ambassadors of education.

Rangila Kumari Sah:

“The reason behind us coming to Sri Lanka is to stretch our hands with the young Sri Lankan student politicians and to explore if there is any avenue we can work together and collaborate between the Sri Lankan counterparts in the future to learn about the most important thing that student politicians in Nepal face; education and other issues that students take up.”

Rangila Kumari Sah, Suresh Kumar Mandal and Lekhanath Neupane

Madhab Dhungel, Pradip Pudel and Ashok Kumar Yadav.
Pictures by Ishara Jayawardane

Suresh Kumar Mandal:

“I can only elaborate on what Rangila mentioned before, about our willingness to collaborate with young politicians in Sri Lanka and to learn about the youth issues and how they are tackling it and also about the issue of education and of course to learn about Sri Lanka politicians and Sri Lankan politics and to stretch our hands with Sri Lankan counterparts.”

Lekhanath Neupane:

“Basically we didn’t know much about Sri Lanka. We knew a little bit about it from our history books like how this country was colonized in the past by external forces such as Portugal for example and finally by the British and in historical terms it also went through a civil war for quite a long period of time, so having learnt about those things we wanted to know how for example Sri Lanka has achieved a high literary rate. We wanted to know these things. That is why we are here: to get knowledge about those things.”

Madhab Dhungel:

“I have a message to Sri Lanka people. My message is that we are here to learn about Sri Lanka obviously and in addition we are here to learn about the education system in Sri Lanka. In the course of the last two days, we have become aware of the fact that there are two kinds of education systems. Private and state education. And also you have a very effective and working technical education in this country.

We always wanted to see how that education system was running and what the nuts and bolts of its modality are. So those things as well as the National Youth Council which is one of the best in this region. We are very impressed with the National Youth Council and its working and also as you know we would also like to learn from Sri Lanka how the state has been so vital and instrumental to provide the quality education and how can we improve by learning.”

Pradip Poudel:

“The Government has been more effective to provide free education in school level. We are also fighting for the free education in our country. But our government cannot provide it. In Sri Lanka we see that free education at the school level has been implemented effectively. We are also demanding that the University education also be free. Because this is the duty of the government. So in our country, school and university are dominated by the private sector.”

Ashok Kumar Yadav:

“I think Sri Lanka is developing day by day. We want to learn more about Sri Lankan people. Day by day Sri Lanka is growing and we wanted to know about the education and political system in Sri Lanka and what would be the possibility of Nepalese and Sri Lankan Youth and students joining hands and collaborating with each other.”

Rangila Kumari Sah further stated what they learnt over two days was that it is very impressive how the education system in Sri Lanka is so much effective and how Sri Lanka have maintained such a good literacy rate. Because education is a challenge in Nepal. And they are trying to improve the whole system in Nepal. And also based upon what they saw at National Youth Council and their workings Sah and the delegates were very much impressed. They have also interacted with National Youth Council heads as well as the Youth Affairs Minister.

In the course of the next few days these six travelers will be meeting other youth student politicians and the leaders of political parties. They will be going to places like Anurahapura too. They feel very grateful to the student leaders and stake holders who have received them very well. The hospitality has been very warm.

“What we have learnt so far is that there is a need for a solid student movement in Sri Lanka.” One delegate said.


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