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Monday, 13 September 2010






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Ashan steals the limelight at Pannala

Ashan Silva, the leader in the AMRC McLarens Formula 1300cc extended his lead yesterday by adding 18 points to his tally to have a total of 38 points from two stages. Ashan had a field day yesterday in Pannala in addition to his Formula races winning the second race of the 1600cc class support race run on the same track.

Dinesh Jayawardana the other driver who is making a big challenge to Ashan Silva too performed well reaching the podium on four occasions out of six events.

Dinesh after winning the Formula 1300cc Class race was placed third in the 1600cc Class behind Dilhan Seneviratne and Sajaad Zuhair.

The Best race of the day was witnessed when veteran Formula driver Rohan de Silva competing against young drivers who are fighting for the AMRC McLarens championship 2010.

Rohan who was on grid two behind his son-in-law Dinesh Jayawardana was off to a flying start and was in front of all drivers. He took full control of this event using his long experience.

Though many were trying to go past him when cornering but it was Rohan who kept his place intact.

None could match his masterly driving and saw him take the chequered flag in style followed by his son-in-law Dinesh Jayawardana. Young Rikaz Khalid was the second runner-up in this event.Ashan Silva who failed to go past Dinesh in race one of 1300cc made amends by winning race No 2 ahead of Rohan de Silva and Kaushalya Samarasinghe - Dinesh Failed to keep upto expectations during this race as he came up with mechanical problems.

In the 1600cc category race two Ashan Silva did it style having a strong lead from the word go and held onto it until he received the chequered flag. He was followed by Dilhan Seneviratne and Sajaad Zuhair.

The day was dominated by Dinesh Jayawardana, Rohan de Silva and Ashan Silva. Their driving on this day was a treat to watch as they put on everything they had in store to make a great day for the motor racing fans.


1 McLarens 1300cc Race - 1: Winner - Dinesh Jayawardana, 1st Runner-up - Ashan Silva, 2nd Runner-up - Rizwi Farouk.

2 SLH 1600cc Race - 1: Winner - Dilhan Seneviratne, 1st Runner-up - Sajaad Zuhair, 2nd Runner-up - Dinesh Jayawardana.

3 Formula Ford Race - 1: Winner - Rohan de Silva, 1st Runner-up - Dinesh Jayawardana, 2nd Runner-up - Rikaz Khalid.

4 McLerence 1300cc Race - 2: Winner - Ashan Silva, 1st Runner-up - Rohan de Silva, 2nd Runner-up - Kaushalya Samarasinghe.

5 SLH 1600cc Race - 2: Winner - Ashan Silva, 1st Runner-up - Dilhan Senaviratne, 2nd Runner-up - Sajaad Zuhair.

6 Formula Ford Race - 2: Winner - Dinesh Jayawardana, 1st Runner-up Rohan de Silva, 2nd Runner-up - Rikaz Khalid.


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