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Monday, 13 September 2010






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In full bloom: Rare
A palmyrah flower which has blossomed in the Kosgama Sumedha Vidyalaya grounds. Residents are flocking to the school daily to see this rare phenomenon which has been vividly described in certain folk songs.
Picture by W Nandasena
– Hanwella special corr.

THOUGHT for the Day

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth
- Muhammad Ali


Making Lanka ‘Wonder of Asia’

Today is the red letter day in the annals of our country because it is a historic achievement for a country or a political party to be able to command a two-third majority in its national legislature.

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On forgotten, forgettable, unforgettable and ‘forgetted’

Ladies and gentlemen, we all forgot and keep forgetting do we not that there’s a 9/11 every year and there’s been 9/11s since human beings started carving up time into months, days, hours, minutes and seconds, screwed the season in the rush and made it eminently suited to be translated into money a few centuries later. There are 9/11s then and 9/11s now.

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Motor traffic law vs people’s hardship

So much of despondency has been expressed by countless number of people time and again in the press and on TV in this country to highlight the chaotic conditions on our public highways, road indiscipline, dark streets, lethargy or the ineffective law enforcing authorities. Despite all such lamenting, it is apparent that nothing concrete seems to take effect (at least visually). Metaphorically speaking it has become like Beeri Alinta Veena Gahanna wage (playing violins to deaf elephants)!

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