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Third term on with peoples’ mandate - Minister

The proposed Constitutional Amendment is not an extension of the term of Office of the President but intended to increase the number of times a President can seek reelection.

An incumbent President will be reelected to Office only with the mandate of the people, said Health Minister and SLFP General Secretary Maithripala Sirisena.

He was addressing an awareness seminar on the 18th Amendment to the Constitution held at the Mahapola Gnanapradeepa Hall, Mirigama recently.

Minister Sirisena said when they assumed power terrorism had engulfed the country and almost everybody feared that the country would never raised its head again while other neighbouring countries achieved rapid development. But we have been able to forge ahead once again with our ancient dignity and personality we have been able to defeat terrorism under President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s leadership. The President rebuilt the country’s image and mentality and proved to the world that we can once again march towards development and progress.

Minister Sirisena said most people seemed to have forgotten the country’s plight four years ago. Parents lived in fear until their children return and children awaited the arrival of parents at their home in fear thinking a bomb explosion may occur any moment any where. We have now ended that tragic war and started rebuilding the country from the pangs of war.

The Minister recalled that during the height of the war people wished that a leader who ended the war should be entrusted with the country’s administration for 20 to 25 years continuously to enable him to rebuild the war-torn nation.

Since President Rajapaksa ended the war the people had given him an unprecedented mandate at the Presidential and General Elections. Today, there were 118 SLFP representatives in Parliament and the Government commanded the support of more than 150 members in Parliament. This can be described as the most powerful Government in the country’s history.

He said the proposed Constitutional Amendments are mainly aimed towards ensuring the country’s development. It would not create any dictatorship as alleged by the Opposition. It would only further democratize the Government.

Minister Sirisena who said the UNP and the JVP were now merely restricted to name boards said the Constitutional Amendments would be adopted with the support of over 160 MPs on Wednesday September 8. Therefore, the best option for the Opposition was to join hands with the Government and assist in the national development effort.


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