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Mahaweli games to light up Giradurukotte

The 24th edition of the Mahaweli Games 2010 will come to and with the athletic meet scheduled for September 11-12 at Giradurukotte Mahaweli Stadium, said the Mahaweli and Water Management Minister Siripala de Silva at a press briefing held yesterday at the centre.

He said Mahaweli Games have been a tremendous success in the past as it has helped to produce sportsmen and women to reach national level and also got the opportunity to represent the country at international meets.

The Mahaweli Games introduced by late Gamini Dissanayake has continued for 24 years. His vision is to give the rural folk who were unable to face the challenges to came to national level. But with the introduction of the games it helps them to gain the maximum and also produced 65 sportsmen and women to reach the top in the sporting arena. Now it has become a must to continue this games without looking at colour of the person who initiated it, said the Minister.

Adding further he said that sports of this nature gives an opportunity to produce good citizens. The sportsmen and women will learn to take victory and defeat on a strong footing. This is a vital factor which for the younger generation for them to go towards a disciplined and a healthy society.

The sports stars that shine during this game will also be well looked after by the Mahaweli Development Authority by way of granting jobs and giving them scholarships to enhance their education and sporting activities, said the Minister.

Mahaweli Authority's Human Resources and Development Director K Ariyatunga told the media that already all sporting events for teams have been completed and from the team event it is only Netball and Volleyball finals are scheduled to conducted during games.

For team games nearly 2000 competitors were seen in action and for the final stage of the games over 350 competitors are expected. The rural folk coming from farmer families will enjoy two days of sporting activity during this games which will also be give an opportunity exchange views and ideas while engaging in sports, as they came various parts of the Mahaweli Zone.

The Community in the Giradurukotte will have the chance of introducing produce to the visitors who are expected to visit the area during this period which will held them have an extra income.

Walawa Zone has taken the lead from the team events collecting a total of 61 points while they are followed by Mahaweli 'H' Zone who has a tally of 40 points. Walawa Zone has dominated the Mahaweli games winning nine out of 23 games are heading for their game victory. Meanwhile 'H' and 'C' Zones have won the championship on five occasions each.

According to the organizers many development have been done to the Giradurukotte stadium and also to the area at large.

With the Authority using a minimal scum for these development as many sponsors have given a helping hand as it is a worthy cause.

The officials and all other invitees are to be among the participants sharing their camps and food together as all will be treated equally. This is a new concept forwarded by the organizers for the first time.


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