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Celebrating 60 years

Faculty of Engineering - University of Peradeniya :

When I was a child I didn't dream of being an Engineer. But when I was in my adolescence I was keen on admiring the beauty of Mathematics - hence the profession of 'Engineering' was my ultimate goal.

Being a computer engineer today, when I go down the memory lane I find some precious milestones during my stay at the bosom of my beloved third mother, who celebrates her 60th birthday.

She was the one who made me a professional - she was the one who guided me to the world of innovative and creative people. She was the one who fed me mathematical, logical and theoretical sense of engineering.

On her 60th birthday, I would like to wish her a long life with prosperity - as she was able to produce marvellous engineering sons and daughters. I sincerely hope that she would continue the great work in the future as well.

As the proud products of the Faculty of Engineering, Peradeniya we should show our utmost gratitude towards the all academic staff starting from Prof E.O.E. Pereira, the founder Dean of the faculty and also all the non academic staff members who helped us to stand on our feet.

The faculty

The mission of the Faculty of Engineering is to acquire, promote, develop and disseminate knowledge of engineering sciences and its application to improve the quality of life and, in particular, to equip present and future generation with skills and attitudes to attain competence as professional engineers, and to interact with industry and community for sustainable development of humankind.

Faculty of Engineering will be the centre of excellence in engineering education and research in South Asia.

The best student representative of geographical and cultural diversity, academic staff of the highest calibre and excellence learning and research environment will ensure academic excellence and the highest professional standard, nationally and internationally.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the faculty of engineering there will be an exhibition which will be held at the faculty premises from September 17 to 22. For further details you can log onto www.pdn.ac.lk/eng/engex2010.

As an alumnus who left the faculty recently, I would like to give a message to all undergraduates who are willing to take the challenge of future engineering - you should make this world a better place for living by acting wisely.

You must be radical to act wisely and you must be impatient to act timely. The main duty is to be a 'good' engineer who has wisdom.

Eng. Tharindu Weerasinghe


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