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'Intelligent and freedom-loving, versatile and erratic, Gemini individuals tend to be a romantic challenge to any potential mate...and something of a mystery as well. The face of a Gemini is never a 'blank page.' The expression is either lit by a light from within or eroded by depression and moodiness...

Geminis need to feel free to wander

A certain website summarized the personality of a Gemini in this manner. Gemini aka 'Twins' is the third zodiac sign in astrology. It is closely linked with the planet Mercury. Hindu astrologists have named the star sign Mithuna.

The term derived from Greek mythology via the twin brothers collectively known as Dioskouroi. They were the sons of Leda by Tyndareus and Zeus, the brothers of Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra.

I'm not a hardcore believer of astrology. Papers give mixed reviews. Your days are either marvelous or absolutely awful. One paper said that it is my best time in life when I was going through a nightmare. Another said that better things lie in store for me for the future.

Predictions, guess work or truth - I really do not know. I care not to question. Faith keeps me going - faith in the strength of my emotions and deeds.

Still I find the star signs interesting, especially because they once mistook me for a Cancer. I too have mood swings but I am not good at hiding my emotions behind a shell. I wear them on my shoulder.

I am not much of a home-lover either and I do not tend to overreact. Those were some of the catches.

They say that only a thin line prevented me from becoming a Cancerian, so I guess a bit of the Cancer traits rubbed off on me. However I like to be known as a Gemini, especially because I seem to share the same ideologies as one of my workmates. He too is a Gemini and we get along like a house on fire.

Most of my friends are Geminis, Aries, Leos and other Cancerians. Scorpio inspires me but I keep Taurus at a distance. It said that my 'perfect' match is either with a Gemini or a Libra. I am a Gemini and you are a Libra. We have just as much in common and just as much of a difference to attract teach other's interest.

Some call us Geminis dual natured and that our minds never settle down at one place. But once committed we remain totally devoted. I get bored easily. Only a few people have been able to hold my attention throughout the years. They are my closest friends.

Another excerpt: "Gemini individuals are fascinated by all aspects of the concept of love. They are among the lucky few who most certainly know the deep expression of being truly 'in love.' Gemini subjects will definitely marry for passionate love and for no other reason...sweeping aside all older and wiser advice which may be offered, they will take the 'plunge' exactly as the heart dictates. They will need a partner who understands them and who will accompany them to the heights of feeling.

Since Geminis are children of the Air, they need to feel free to wander...both mentally and physically. However if a Gemini finds a partnership to be whole and complete, then he or she will be the most dynamic and loyal of mates..."

This is just a fleeing though of what could have taken shape, if things had worked out. I know these emotions. They are from the heart. I hope you get my point, dearest Libra.


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