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Every year for one complete lunar month, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, is the month of Ramazan.

All Muslim adults are required to fast from dawn to sunset, refrain from all food and drink and other human needs like sexual relationship with your spouse. If you are sick or on a journey you are allowed to abstain from fasting, but you must make up for it by fasting the same number of days missed during this Ramazan before the start of the next.

The main purpose of fasting is described in the Quran to be ‘God conscious’, to bring us closer to our natural state, that is for cleansing us from any disobedience and corruption. Prophet Muhammed (Sal) has said that ‘Fasting is shield’ as it protects man simply and eloquently.

Fasting not only purify the mind, but also the body. It’s scientifically proven to be much healthier and a relaxation for the digestive organs.

Man learns to control his hunger, thirst and bodily desires and learn to devote much time for the sake of Allah. Children who fast from childhood, learn good habits and self-control which is beneficial in their personality development.

Muslims devote much time for prayers in this holy month

When these habits deeproot in their minds and get fossilized, they easily learn to refrain from unnecessary activities and indulge more in religious activities. Children with such homes prosper . This month is a period of intense reflection and devotion, seeking guidance and forgiveness, which brings us closer to the blessed guidance of Quran, which was revealed in this sacred month, which is also called the ‘Month of the Quran’.

The month of Ramazan gives us the opportunity to develop qualities of endurance and self-restraint, to control anger and the fiery, malicious tongue.

It’s an opportunity to fine tune the body and shed it of obesity and sloth. It also awakens compassion and solidarity with others, in particular with the needy and poor. We are urged to be more liberal in giving and required to end the fast by giving Sadaqatul-Fitr an amount enable all to share in the spirit of warmth, affection and brotherhood.

Although Ramazan appear to be a hard and difficult month, it is in fact an enjoyable time.

A special atmosphere prevails in homes, in mosques and in Muslim communities as a whole around the world, so Muslims look forward to the coming of Ramazan with great longing and expectation and feel a certain sadness when the month ends. The end of Ramazan is celebrated by ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’ festival, where they feast and build up good rapport by sharing it with their family, relations, neighbours and friends.


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