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Ulagalla Resort opens today

Ulagalla Resort, owned by ICC Construction and FINCO Group will open for guests from today.

The Resort is an ancient mansion transformed into a modern heaven with an investment over Rs 700 million. The resort is in Tirappane off Anuradhapura.

The mansion has been restored to its original position and developed and furnished to retain its own distinctive features. It revitalizes the aristocratic lifestyle of the colonial era in the ancient capital. Ulagalla Resort has combined the tradition with latest technology. The Resort has all modern hotel facilities and it is the first lifestyle boutique hotel to be commissioned in the post war era.

The front view of Ulagalla

ďUlagalla Resort concept is absolutely unique as itís so close to nature, and it is different to the conventional type of hotels , it has a go green eco concept in the truest sense of the word. Itís the brainchild of Group Vice Chairman, Harsha De Saram,Ē Ulagalla Resort Marketing General Manager Ranjaka De Mel said. This luxury boutique resort is focusing on high end exclusive tourists and is committed to give the opportunity to discover the pleasure of charming atmosphere.

The lower level of the mansion consists of reception, lobby area, bar, coffee lounge while upper floor consists of a fine dining restaurant.

The most significant feature of the resort is the 25 state-of -the art chalets built in a classy manner and these chalets are scattered over an unrestricted area of 58 areas. In keeping with resortís ĎGo Green conceptí, half of the energy requirement of the resort is generated through its solar farm and it is the largest solar farm in the country with a capacity of 125 KVA.

The resort includes over 20 acres lush paddy fields, vegetable and fruit gardens. The paddy fields produce a large part of the resortís rice requirement while the vegetable and fruit gardens make substantial contribution as well. The resort has installed water purification plants that will recycle waste water and rain water and purify it to use on the plantations.

Also to be used on the plantations, the resortís waste matter will be collected to make compost manure for the fruit and vegetable gardens.

The resort also includes of a 30 metre fresh water swimming pool and electric cars to shuttle the guests within the vast area.

The walls of each chalet are fitted with planks that are recycled timber mixed with imported paddy straw to retain coolness. The chalets are fitted with LED bulbs that reduce the carbon footprint of the resort by 80 percent.

The AC system fitted into each chalet utilizes an environmentally friendly gas and heat recovery system provides the entire requirement of hot water.

Chalets were constructed using the fire-proof and eco friendly material, Durra. Durra straw panels reduce the transmission of sound, are, a 100 percent recyclable and are 10 times stronger than dry wall.


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