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Sony drives next level in TV viewing

Siedles (Pvt) Ltd debuted its first ever Full HD 3D TV Bravia for the home with the LX900 Series. Featuring 3D integrated technology, Motionflow PRO 200Hz, LED Backlight technology and built-in Wi-Fi access, the Bravia LX900 provides the ultimate home entertainment experience, perfect for uncompromising AV enthusiasts.

“Sony believes that the 3D experience is the next stage in the evolution of multimedia entertainment for cinemas and homes,” said Siedles General Manager David Martenstyn, “With the new Bravia LX900, Sony seeks to provide the same high quality visual experience available at the latest 3D cinemas to consumers in the comfort of their homes,” he said.

Revolutionary 3D Integrated Technology

Imagine movie images that vividly leap out from the TV screen to the living room in Full HD clarity - that is the fully-immersive

Here, visiting Sony Electronics General Manager Vincent Yip and Sieldes (Pvt) Ltd Managing Director Nimesh Udeshi unveiling the new models at the launch.

entertainment experience that Bravia LX900 can deliver. Under the hood, Bravia LX900 is powered by Sony’s revolutionary 3D Integrated technology, combining a 3D Sync Transmitter, frame-sequential display and high frame rate Motionflow 200Hz technology at a specific signal processing speed to reproduce Full HD resolution 3D images. To add to the rapidly increasing number of 3D contents, the Bravia LX900 is also capable of converting 2D content to 3D with the push of one button on the remote control. Each TV is capable of converting flat still pictures, DVD or even broadcast content to true-to-life images & videos in 3D. To ensure users fully enjoy 3D viewing on the BRAVIA LX900, the 3D TV also comes bundled with two sets of active shutter glasses that are synchronized with the images shown on the display. Additional active shutter glasses can be purchased separately.

Premium Monolithic Design

Complementing the Bravia LX900’s high performance display features is its sleek premium Monolithic design. The Monolithic design is Sony’s new aesthetic direction for its home entertainment collection in 2010. Bravia LX900’s screen flows seamlessly into its bezel in a frameless design, offering viewers an engaging new cinematic experience, in addition to being a conversation piece in any living space.

Bravia Internet Video and Bravia Widgets with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Apart from being a revolutionary 3D TV, the Bravia LX900 is also capable of high performance as a regular Full HD LCD TV with value-added features. The Bravia LX900 offers hours of endless entertainment to users with the Bravia Internet Video and Bravia Internet Widgets features.

Intelligent energy- saving features

Keeping the environment in mind, Sony has equipped the Bravia LX900 with energy-saving features such as the Intelligent Presence Sensor and Light Sensor.

The Intelligent Presence Sensor switches the TV to Picture Off Mode when it cannot detect faces within a certain range of the TV. This is a great tool especially for users who leave the room and may forget to come back to turn off the TV or for people who doze off in the middle of watching a show.

On the other hand, the Light Sensor automatically adjusts the picture brightness according to the amount of light available in the viewing environment, thus lowering power consumption when viewing in a dimly lit room.

Additionally, the Bravia features several Eco Settings including the Energy Saving Switch and Edge-lit LED backlight technology that helps to reduce power consumption while improving upon backlight performance as compared with conventional CCFL backlight TVs.

Siedles launches new Bravia series

Siedles (Pvt) Ltd unveiled its latest Bravia TV range based on a new iconic Monolithic design philosophy and a host of revolutionary display technologies. Leading the way are three new Bravia series, NX, EX and BX that not only exude aesthetic appeal, but are jam-packed with advanced technologies to provide unparalleled viewing experiences at home.

“Sony’s new Monolithic Bravia range is inspired by our make. believe vision in bringing tomorrow’s technology and design into homes today,” said General Manager Siedles David Martenstyn.

“We are confident that these new Bravia TVs will spark new ways to enjoy home entertainment,” he said.

Bravia NX: The new experience TV

A presence in any room, the Bravia NX series exudes excellence in form and function. Surrounded by sleek brushed aluminum, the sleek glass screen are set perfectly flush with the frame to accentuate the luxurious and meticulous nature of its construction.

Further, combining the prowess of the Internet and TV broadcasts, the Bravia NX series is a web-savvy AV enthusiast’s dream-come-true.

With built-in Wi-Fi, the Bravia NX series offers users the experience of seamlessly streaming a variety of on-demand Internet content such as YouTube video clips among a number of content providers, the way they now experience TV broadcasted programs.

In addition, Bravia Internet Widgets lets users keep in touch with the world with configurable and customisable add-ons that allow access to the news, weather and all sorts of information.

Equipped with Full HD resolution, Bravia Engine 3 image processor and Motionflow technology of up to 200Hz, users will also get to enjoy their favourite shows off the Internet and cable TV, in smoother, full high definition glory. Furthermore, the Motionflow technology feature is enhanced with Image Blur Reduction to provide sharper, brilliant looking images.

Bravia EX: Essential TV with high picture quality and energy-saving features

The Bravia EX series sports energy-saving features such as Ambient Sensor, LED backlight and advanced Presence Sensor technologies minimising power consumption without compromising on picture quality.

The Ambient Sensor will automatically adjust the picture brightness, according to the amount of ambient light in the viewing environment, to lower power consumption.

Similarly, the Presence Sensor will automatically turn off the picture when the sensor does not detect the viewer’s presence.

Big on performance, the Bravia EX series also features Full HD, Bravia Engine 3 and Motionflow 100Hz technologies for smooth, sharp images with fine resolution detail. Users will also be able to enjoy on-demand Internet content streaming with an optional USB wireless LAN adaptor.

Bravia BX: The affordable yet feature-packed TV

For users who appreciate the Bravia TV’s stylish design and are contented with basic TV features, the Bravia BX series is an ideal choice.

Like the abovementioned series, the Bravia BX series features the design which will add a stylish touch to every living room.

It also offers Full HD resolution, Bravia Engine 3 imaging processor, and fuss-free connectivity to other devices among other things.

New Nikon Coolpix range from Photo Technica

Photo Technica recently introduced a brand new range of digital cameras from Nikon Corporation, Japan.

New Nikon Coolpix range

These cameras come in a range of coolers and high Mega Pixel sizes offering great choices to the customers. All cameras have a larger zoom range and are slim and compact. It also has video function with HD technology and offer convenience of editing the pictures in the camera itself.

Commenting on the introduction of these cameras to the market, Photo Technica Managing Director Harsha Malwanna said that these cameras manufactured by the Nikon Corporation of Japan, are sold with a year’s warranty by Photo Technica.

He further added that duplicate and slightly used Nikon cameras are available at unbelievably cheaper prices in the local market and a customer has to take extreme care when purchasing.

Etisalat salutes Sri Lanka’s

war heroes

The Sri Lanka Seva Vanitha Army Branch (SVAB) under the aegis of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya has launched a project “Brave Hearts” to build a resort type wellness centre Abhimansala on the banks of the Nuwara Wewa in Anuradhapura to house and provide lifelong care for 52 totally disabled war heroes. In a move to uplift the livelihood of those soldiers, Etisalat Lanka is involved in constructing a cottage at Abhimansala. Etisalat strongly supports, the SVBA’s main objective of providing welfare facilities to the next of kin of war heroes who sacrificed their lives for their nation, war heroes missing in action, and those injured whilst defending their motherland.

Recent statistics show that there are more than 300 totally disabled soldiers with multiple injuries ranging from spinal cord, brain damage and many other disabilities such as amputations, impaired hearing, vision, speech defects, paralysis and so on. Most of these war heroes are in the prime of their youth, although afflicted with permanent disabilities. The majority of them are wheelchair or bed ridden or have impaired mobility, requiring a variety of assisting devices. Therefore post injury care is vital for their survival. However, most of them face difficulty once they go home, as the infrastructure is inadequate to accommodate their needs. Most importantly, specialized nursing care needed by some, cannot be obtained at domestic level.

Etisalat CEO, Dumindra Ratnayaka said, “We are acutely aware that post war rehabilitation is a long and effortful process and as a company we want to do anything in our power to assist this recovery. We want to show our appreciation and admiration to our soldiers and recognize the fact that now; it is our turn to help them and our country.”

Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya said, “This is a very “special community” in our country that has taken over a magnanimous burden in the name of the country and are now burdened with traumatic experiences.

He further said, “Today the Army is in a period of transition from a ‘fighting Army’ to a ‘Peace time Army’. Along with the Army contribution to the national development, it is also the responsibility of the Army to provide the best available care and comfort to all those officers and men who have been injured in battle.

We are grateful to Etisalat for their generous sponsorship and acknowledgment of Sri Lanka’s genuine Brave Hearts.”

More than 15 Million cash refunds:

HSBC’s ‘Swipeout’ a success

HSBC’s ‘Swipeout to Wipeout’ seasonal promotion resulted in a success with more than Rs 15 million, given away as cash refunds at the recently concluded promotion.

In addition to the 20 percent cash rebate offered, cardholders were able to earn HSBC Rewards points, and super discounts through the bank’s ‘Cardholder Privilege Program’, each time they used their credit card.

Of the many lucky cardholders who entered the promotion and received cash refunds of up to Rs 20,000, Louis De Andrado a loyal cardholder for nine years said, “Swipeout was a wonderful promotion that not only offered a cash refund of 20 percent but also entitled cardholders to special discounts, where we saved more.

I hope the bank continues to hold similar promotions for the benefit of customers.” Nimali Jayawardene who is a long standing cardholder for over 15 years, said, “The promotion helped me sort the maximum benefit on my purchases for Avurudu as my spending was mostly on gifts for family and friends and Swipeout was very convenient.”

The promotion in its short period has paid in excess of Rs 15 Million worth of cash rebates to lucky cardholders, who were required to swipe their credit card for 20 days with a minimum spend of Rs 2,000, to enter the promotion.



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