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Wednesday, 26 May 2010




A sense of dissatisfaction

To blossom, as a white lotus
With a sweet fragrance,
In your pleasing shelter
Oh! blessed one......

To listen a word of doctrine
In your tranquil presence
With greatest veneration
Oh! nobel one

To recite with devotion,
Your sublime preaching, and
Cultivate the bliss of emancipation
In the compassionate journey,
Permit me, oh! enlightened one to seek refuge
In your most sacred order.....

By virtue of noble power and spotless doctrine,
Craving, hatred and passion with
Flames of sensual pleasures,
Withered, in the buds of anger
Like a dew drop in the scorching Sun
Oh! omniscient, the reverened,
I'd embrace your sacred feet
Until I finish up the hectic strolling
In this endless journey......

When sinful thoughts were being rampaged
Cries of evil deeds were heard, non-stop
From door to door,
Hands, full of weapons of hatred
Trilled in provocation
Woes of lamentation, ran amok
In search of measurability,
But, with the blooming of
Lotuses, in the shady sal grove,
Sufferings of all, terminated
Making the world
A place of worship.....

Though, I took refuge
In the light of your emancipation,
A sense of dissatisfaction
Was emerging
In a corner of my heart, for,
The merits I offered,
In this ocean of sins
Still pervaded my heart and soul, terribly.....

The Conversion

The scorching rays
Of the merciless sun,
Fell on the naked earth
And a lonely heart
Turning the green to brown
Joy to grief.
The leaves crumbled
As the rusty wind
Cornered them
Under the bare, cloudless sky.
Parched - burnt - crispy dust flakes
The earth and the heart.
All at once
Drops of love rained from heavens
Green earth, a smiling heart
Everything revived.

Shadow & Shade

Who can ever differentiate
Art of Lord's shadow and shade
shadow trails behind all men
shade springs out to quench
A friend would shield ye to end
like a shadow behind appreciate
shade of anything is a help
To the man and animal unbend
Shadow of a tree is a shade
For anyone during sun and rain
Yet-Lord has created one thing
Devil has no shadow bear it in!


I was at the edge of
My patience and forepearance
In the pathetic face of
Diaster, disappointment
And abandonment
I walked and walked
May be miles and miles
Till I reached the river
I sat down on the edge
Of a huge rock
Looking down at the
Swirling water, so strong
And powerful
"Jump down"! somebody
Seem to whisper in my ear
"To end all your troubles
And tribulations"
"No you MUST NOT"
Someone else whispered
"There are solutions to
All problems"
I got up and wended
My way home
Singing "whispering Hope
Oh how welcome thy voice"

Shun no thy duty

Our green planets turning brown
Cascading waterfalls thinning
Winding rivers narrowing canals
Lush green forests falling apart
Species wild dwindling fast
Ozone layer crying
Earth is becoming warmer
"Man is the destroyer
And the victim too"
Think of morrow
Green our earth again
Thats the hours need
For future beings
Shun no thy duty


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