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Rodney Vandergert

We had just married and joined the Karachi Adventist Hospital in 1962. Rodney entered our lives then and remained well entwined ever since. As citizens of Sri Lanka we joined the mission in Pakistan by invitation on an almost regular basis, and of all those there, Rodney stood out as one who would not betray a friendship.

We met again, back in Sri Lanka, most often at his home, knowing we could awaken him at late evening hours, whenever we spent an evening at the beach and on our return to our physician post at the lakeside Adventist Hospital in Kandy. We needed his dose of laughter and happy sharing, and as all true friends would, could trust him to open his door gladly, regardless of the hour.

Then we lived on the opposite coasts of the USA about the same time. Back in Sri Lanka we welcomed his newly found Cherryl into our circle, and didnít miss their wedding.

We discovered a well-partnered couple who also accepted our mostly night intrusions into their home. And the memories were building for eternity.

We bid them farewell to Canada and later welcomed them back home, again. Rodney was the one who neatly penned the letters that spread laughter along with updates on family and life and the friendship never waned.

As Providence afforded us, we lived in the Far East and found our way to visit with him again in Moscow and then later in Beljing. Always found him so upright and still cheering every soul that we walked and moved fearlessly passed guards and went places unfettered.

On an official visit to Hong Kong to which we were invited, the host remarked that he noticed how much we talked with each other and always with such laughter and joy. Rodney and his Cherryl have always been so contagious with their unity and the happy side of life, that their daughter Niloufer and us, family members, have been infected without regret.

If you can tell that we have been with Rodney we will be honoured!



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