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Ceylinco Healthcare declares:

June ‘Health Screening Month’

Ceylinco Healthcare announced plans to designate June 2010 as ‘Health Screening Month’ in Sri Lanka and the company said that its two specialized screening centres, the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre and the Ceylinco Diabetes Centre would offer affordable and comprehensive health screening packages throughout the month, with a view to demonstrating that routine health checks can pre-empt serious illness or save lives and money through early detection.


Headtable at the CHSL News Conference (from left): Dr. Shyama Fernando, Prof. Rohan Jayasekara, R. Renganathan, Thushara Ranasinghe and Dr. Charuky Weerasuriya.

The company also plans to deploy mobile units at least two in Colombo city and two in suburban locations to offer free doctors consultations to the public in June; conduct promotions, a public seminar and media campaigns; offer on-location health checks to staff of corporate entities, launch a loyalty rewards scheme and a special membership program to encourage more people to undergo regular health checks instead of waiting till symptoms of illness manifest.

‘Our own experience managing two centres of excellence that specialize in general health screening as well as screening for diabetes and cancer, has yielded compelling evidence that prevention is more economical than treatment,’ CHSL Chairman R. Renganathan said. ‘However, it has also become clear that routine checks are not part of the lifestyle of the average Sri Lankan. This program will be an important first step in changing this situation.’

Dr. Prasad Katulanda, an eminent diabetologist made the case for regular health screening in a presentation that included statistics on the increasing incidence of diabetes and other serious illnesses in Sri Lanka.

The Ceylinco Healthcare Centre Senior Medical Officer Dr. Shyama Fernando said any member of the public who wished to avail one of the three health screening packages offered by the Centre in June would only need to call and make an appointment.

The three health screening packages are comprises a series of tests covering general health as well as weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and vision and can be expanded to include liver profile, renal profile, thyroid function and other tests, she said. The packages can be obtained by scheduling appointments over the telephone.

The Centre will also introduce an incentive scheme for existing and new visitors to the Centre, Dr. Fernando said. They will earn discounts on their purchases when they introduce persons to undergo health screening tests at the Centre.

Janashakthi extends support to A’pura, Mihintale

In keeping with its credo of working closely with the people of Sri Lanka, Janashakthi Insurance PLC recently installed brand new street name boards and directional boards for car parks and the many places of worship in Anuradhapura. This is expected to greatly help the thousands of Buddhist devotees and foreign visitors who are expected to converge on the ancient capital city this Vesak Poya Day.

Vesak Poya 2010 is very significant in the Buddhist Calendar since it heralds the dawn of the 2600 Buddha Jayanthi. As a result of this important occasion, several thousands of people from all parts of the country are expected to throng Anuradhapura and Mihintale.

Janashakthi in collaboration with the Mihintale Raja Maha Viharaya has put up several banners and cutouts in and around the Sacred City requesting devotees to come with lotus flowers on Poson Poya. The target is 100,000 lotuses. The assistance Janashakthi has extended to the public has been acclaimed as a laudable gesture.

Following the success of its Vehicle Breakdown Assistance Service in Anuradhapura and Kandy during the Esala Perahera season last year, Janashakthi will once again conduct a similar service both in Anuradhapura and Mihintale this Poson Poya.

This Vehicle Breakdown Assistance Service will not only benefit vehicles with policies from Janashakthi Full Option, but also all vehicles irrespective of whom they are insured with.

Fully automated laboratory opened at Hemas Hospital

Hemas Hospital, Wattala commissioned fully integrated Barcoding, Inter-phasing and a fully automated laboratory system. It includes a system of integration of the laboratory process, interfacing of analyzers with the hospital’s information system and a new barcode system which eliminates errors in entering or documentation of patient details.

This also enables to track and trace the stage of a laboratory test through the entire laboratory process. In addition, all advanced automated laboratory equipment (analzsers) have been integrated into a common computer system, which is capable of carrying out a wide range of laboratory tests with minimum human intervention.

“Laboratory test results are a vital factor in arriving at clinical diagnosis and treatment. Clinical decisions made by the doctor, depends a lot on the accuracy of those results. Barcoding of the samples have been identified as one of the safest methods to prevent sample mix-up which could lead to disastrous clinical situations.

Automation is a common method used in developed countries to minimize human intervention in laboratory testing and errors as a result of human mistakes. “Inter-phasing of the lab equipment ensures the speed as well as accuracy by minimizing data entry errors” said Hemas Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd Director, Medical Services Dr. Aruna Rabel.

Wireless Burglar Alarm System from Singer

Singer has launched Government approved wireless burglar alarm system equipment installation. As a result of the dire need for affordable, reliable home security systems in Sri Lanka, Singer now installs Visonic’s PowerMax+, Wireless Home Security and Management System.

Installation of the security system can be done within 3-4 hours.

The product is an Israeli brand, and in terms of security related technology, the Israelis are known for their innovations. Also, Singer does pre-visits of sites to figure out vulnerable intrusion spots that should be protected. The security system itself works in a way that even if the occupants leave their house, go on holiday or even if they’re in bed, they are alerted by voice message to their mobile phone or on SMS through a GSM link which pinpoints the exact location of entry, so its 100 percent accurate at all times. This device is an intelligent one and alerts clients on what is open and where.

PowerMax+ is more than a security system. With its remote control function it can serve as a comprehensive home management system, allowing users to control house lights or appliances remotely. Via the use of GSM technology, users will be able to switch on/off lights and appliances in their homes from miles away. Another feature of the system is that it lets parents know when their children return home from school.

By giving users the ability to monitor their homes and control appliances remotely the PowerMax system provides greater control and safety.

Frost and Sullivan, a global research and growth consulting firm, awarded Visonic’s PowerMax solution the 2010 North American Product Leadership of the Year Award in In-Building Wireless Networks Market.

This is a highly prestigious award from a company that has almost 50 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies. By receiving this award Visonic reaffirms itself as a provider of solutions that are robust, reliable and highly-praised by central stations, security professionals and homeowners. Frost and Sullivan’s recognition of PowerMax as product leader illustrates our long-standing market-leading position as well as our ongoing, fast-paced growth in recent years.


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