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Thilaka Dela Bandara succeeds novel venture:

Promoting Ayurveda beauty therapy

The concept of beauty is close to anyone’s heart and much effort is taken to maintain and improve one’s appearance. In today’s context care and treatment has become a part of fast changing lifestyle. There is a growing demand for natural beautification products and ayurvedic treatment methods.

Ayurveda doctor Thilaka H. Dela Bandara is reputed for her ayurvedic beauty care products and beauty therapy. She runs a successful treatment centre popular among her clientele.

Thilaka with her husband. Pictures by Saliya Rupasinghe

She was interviewed by the Daily News Business.

Q: What business are you engaged in and how do you set about it?

A: My husband and myself are ayurveda doctors by profession with over 20 years experience. The Suwasahana Ayurvedic Institute in Maharagama provides Ayurvedic beauty therapy and medical therapy. It includes treatment for arthritis, psoriasis, gastritis, obesity, cholesterol and diabetes.

The institute also provides beauty therapy including ayurvedic facial treatment, anti-wrinkle treatment, removing warts, oil treatment for baldness, treatment for pimples and black heads, treatment for obesity, manicure and pedicure.

We produce ayurvedic beauty care products under the brand name Sobaroo. The range includes soaps, face wash, body lotions, herbal hair oil and shampoo. There is a growing demand for our products and we intend expanding operations to cater to a wider market.

There are repeat customers and the reason for the popularity of products is that we only use the natural ingredients.

There is no inclusion of artificial items or chemicals in the carefully monitored production process. It is the secret behind our success.

Q: How do you balance your family and business?

A: My husband ayurvedic doctor Upul N. Dela Bandara encourages and motivates me in continuing the business, which has reach greater heights. His support is a tower of strength. I have two children and I value the contribution by my family members. It is a blessing for the business. I manage time efficiently and effectively to strike a balance between family and business.

Q: What were the challenges you faced?

A: We produce real natural products, which are not harmful for the end-user. This is the reason behind the growing demand. We had stiff competition at the initial stages from producers of similar products. However, with time consumers understood the difference in products. This resulted in high demand for our products and treatment methods.

Q: What are your goals?

A: I plan to expand the business locally and also to capture the international market. Steps have been taken to promote ayurvedic treatment methods and natural beauty care products, which is not harmful for human body.

I felt that local products manufactured with indigenous ingredients need to be given recognition.

As a woman it gives me pleasure to receive positive feedback from my customers admiring my products and medical treatment.

Q: Being a woman was it an advantage to be in business?

A: Certainly. Women have strength and endurance that are vital for the growth and sustainability of a business. They are also capable of attracting support from

Thilaka H. Dela Bandara


Q: What is your advice to women in business?

A: Women who engage in business and those who are planning to venture into business need to have a set of achievable goals.

They also need to have a clear-cut plan to achieve these goals and be bold and courageous in facing challenges.

It is important to be knowledgeable of your business and needs to employ capable people with competence. Managing human resource is an essential component in a successful business.

Q: What were your achievements in family and business?

A: I have a well-knit family. As a woman I am satisfied with my life and we live happily. I work towards their well-being and the appreciation I receive in return gives me confidence to move forward.

I have earned a reputation as a popular and recognised ayurvedic doctor. I value this reputation. I deal with patients who have suffered for a long time. The trust in my treatment process is evident in the growing customer base.

I also have employed over 20 and with the expected expansion more employment opportunities could be generated.

I have not engaged in mass scale advertising and the only medium of advertising is the positive feedback from my customers.

They recommend my products and treatment methods to others and this has made the business grow further.

Q: What is your contribution to society?

A: I have treated a larger number of patients as an ayurvedic doctor and they praise me for the service I provide. There is an equal number of people who have obtained my treatment in the field of beauty culture. They are all satisfied customers and it gives me added strength to continue the business.

There is a trend in beauty care products mushrooming which are not suited for most of us.

This is not a good sign as real ayurvedic products too could have an impact and trust in these products could deteriorate. It is necessary to take corrective action.

As a medium scale business I intend to expand and financing is a drawback in this regard.

I would appreciate if a funding institution could assist us as it will benefit the business and society by creating more jobs.

There are suppliers of medicinal plants and they too could benefit in the long run. My ultimate aim is to popularize good products and to see people glowing with beauty.


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