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Wednesday, 19 May 2010



An evening of Contemporary Folk and Traditional Dance

A captivating dance scene presented by the students of Rivega Dance Studio

It was a dazzling evening and occasion when Rivega Dance Studio in association with Nelung Arts Centre presented Dance Sri Lanka Natmo 2010.

I noticed that the crowd was restless and even after the show began. People were chatting and using their cell phones. However the presence of the performers changed all this and the audience settled down to enjoy the show.

The costumes were splendid one may say and the performance was riveting. It was an evening of the very best of Sri Lankan talent. The precision and accuracy of the movements were testimony to long hours of practice.

The dedication and commitment of the performers showed in their performance . The enjoyment and pleasure they took in their craft hit the audience in tangible waves.

Credit must go to the performers of Heart Beat/drum orchestra for their violent infusion of rock and something undefinable. This undefinable quality was rapturous. It was a fine example of the audience being hit by waves of emotion.

One must also mention the elegance and dignity of the other performers, especially the female performers who coupled with their beautiful faces were very professional and a pleasure to watch.

Senpathiyo is another dance that stands out. It was a male dance combining ancient fighting and up country dance style. The artistic use of canes was interesting to watch. Again the precision and accuracy as a moment of carelessness could be injurious.

All in all it was an evening well spent . A satisfactory evening for a patron of the arts. The appreciation of the crowd was visible. So many stayed back to shake the hands of Rangika to exchange words with the performers.

The Rivega Dance Studio was started by Rangika and his twin brother Rangana in 2001 while both were still in school. As I read the brochure handed to me I saw a quote by Martha Graham (Pioneer American Modern Dance). “Art crosses all borders Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. I feel that this quote reflects Rangika’s pursuits. Rangika is a gifted dancer, choreographer and designer. The success of the event is largely due to this talented individual. Those who flocked around him can only guess as to what great things this 28 year old youth will do.

“Personal experience has shown us that although there have been many difficulties and disappointments to overcome we are happy to dance” - Rangika and Rangana (brochure)



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