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Wednesday, 19 May 2010



Quintessential philosopher poet

Sudarshana Bandara

Watapata Pictures by Sumanachandra Ariyawansa

A conflict of colour
A depiction of the big bang in all its glory

WMP Sudarshana Bandara is a modest man. Everything about the press conference he held was modest. Inside a little room were some of the most extraordinary paintings I had ever seen.

Just three journalists interviewed him the day I met him. In a way it is regrettable that his paintings, larger than life, were received by such a small audience. Sudarshana specializes in what he proudly calls the big bang. It is his passion and motivation to draw paintings of the creation of the Universe.

“Specially I like to visualize contemporary work and contemporary Architecture. There are so many Artists, Critics and Art historians with use of traditional themes. I like to visualize the philosophical concepts. My concept is birth of big bang” said Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts lecturer WMP Sudarshana Bandara.

Sudarshana says that the birth of the universe, big bang and our origins are very strong concepts. He says he tries to combine of shadows because without shadows we are not there. We get depth from shadow. Big bang visualizes in shadows.

Big bang gets its meaning from shadow. Shadow is a very important part of the big bang and our lives and our futures.

“A shadow, even in the absence of a creative artist, is full of artistic and aesthetic content. Shadows as commonly understood are sources of fear. They frighten us at times and tremble at other times.

Though shadows cause fear and horror they also are sources of artistic creativity and aesthetic pleasure as they are capable of inspiring artists and painters” stated Sudarshana.

When asked as to what his future ambitions were, this modest man simply said that he wanted to be a good man.

“I always talk about the universe. I am not eastern or western. You cannot categorize paintings, saying he is a traditional artist or a modern artist” pointed out Sudarshana.


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