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Wednesday, 5 May 2010



Film Appreciation with K S Sivakumaran:

Road movie in Tamil

Thammanna and Karthik in the film

A recent appreciable Tamil (pronounced Thamil) film yours truly saw was Paiyaa. The title means simply ‘Boy’. It’s now being shown in the theatres. My appreciation of the film is primarily because it is one of the lengthy road films in the Tamil language.

Paiyaa cast and credits
* Directed by N. Linguswamy
* Produced by N. Subash
   Chandra Bose
* Written by N. Linguswamy
   and Brinda Sarathy
* Starring Karthi Tamannaah
   Bhatia Milind Soman Sonia
   Deepti Jegan
* Music by Yuvan Shankar
* Cinematography Madhi
* Editing by Anthony
      Source – Wikipedia

A boy and a girl travel from Bangalore to Mumbai by car and encounters adventurous experiences. It’s an interesting voyage as we discover the traits of the two characters personality. The bottom line is that a refreshing love story.

Refreshing because the boy is fascinated by the beauty of the girl but is unable to tell her he has madly fallen in love with her. And the girl herself doesn’t know that he loves her and also treat him as a commoner and a mere chauffer where he is an IT engineer .Necessitated by force of circumstances he drives the car incognito.

But the storyline is not that alone and besides there are other aspects in the film that I appreciated.

But you wouldn’t know what I am saying until see this film or know something about the story in brief. For this we have to go back to the blurbs available on the Internet. The reason for this is that I couldn’t remember every episode of the scenario.

Paiyaa is an action packed romance themed movie. Shiva (Karthi) is a carefree young soul with a group of supporting friends. He is attracted to a young beautiful girl almost immediately as he sees her.

An opportunity to travel with her arises and Shiva immediately puts a show of a taxi driver. Here he comes to know of her problems and decides to help her. He also ends up falling in love with her. The rest of story then revolves around the smart and witty action scenes from Shiva.

Here is what the Wikipedia says: Paiyaa is a 2010 Indian Tamil romantic-action film written and directed by N. Linguswamy. It stars Karthi and Tamannaah Bhatia in the lead roles, with Milind Soman, Sonia Deepti and Jegan essaying supporting roles.

The film revolves around a journey of a young couple and the incidents that happen during that journey. A jobless carefree guy, is asked by a young IT employee, incidentally the girl he is in love with, to escort her from Bangalore to Mumbai. However, they have to face and overcome several obstacles and challenges on their way.

I liked the acting of Karthik, a versatile actor (son of yesteryear star Sivakumar and younger brother of Suriya) and the girl Thamanna (a star from north India and the highly paid star in Tamil films today). She is attractive and dances well. The photography and music too is pleasing.

See if you want to see scenes in Babgalore in the south and Mumbai in the north of India.


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