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Monday, 22 February 2010

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Private sector hospitals thrive

[Private sector Healthcare]

* The country has well trained specialists

* Over 60 percent seek private outdoor treatment

* Approval for four new hospitals for 2010

Private sector hospitals in Sri Lanka are on par with international standards and they have the potential to attract foreign clientele. This could bring in valuable foreign exchange and also reputation for the country as a world-class healthcare provider, Provincial Director of Health Services Western Province and founder Secretary Private Health Services Regulatory Council, Dr. Amal Harsha de Silva told the Daily News Business.

The country has the capability to compete with international healthcare institutions as it possesses manpower, building, machinery, methodology and support service of world standards.

Country’s specialists are well trained

The country’s specialists are well trained. Most of these hospitals are equipped with latest technology and there have been substantial investments in the private sector healthcare facilities by the local investors, he said.

Over 60 percent of the patients seek outdoor healthcare from private sector whereas 10 to 15 percent seek ward facilities in the private sector. However, as a country there is a need for more private institutions.

There are 8,000 beds in the private sector and this needs to be increased by 3,000 beds to meet the growing demand. “We need the private sector to play a vibrant role in the healthcare sector”, he said.

There are many patients in the waiting list as the supply is much less than the demand.

There is a huge opportunity in the North and the East with peace coming in. The private healthcare facilities in these provinces need to be strengthened to facilitate the demand, he said.

There are over 200 private healthcare institutions in the country and approval has been given to open four more during the year. The private healthcare institutions progress well due improvement in the ability and willingness to pay and the third party mechanism such as medical insurance, he said.

“We encourage listing of private healthcare institutions in the stock market as it is a positive move that would generate additional capital and ensure transparency. It will also provide satisfaction for local investors that they have invested in the country’s healthcare sector,” he said.

Narahenpita has become the private hospital hub in the country like the hospital square in Colombo.


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