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Friday, 19 February 2010

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New impulse for Ashihara Karate

An outdoor training program was organized for the karatekas of Ashihara International Karate Organisation (AIKO) and some invited dojos in Sri Lanka. A total of five training sessions took place at the Welagedara Stadium in Kurunegala over the last weekend which saw the grading for nearly 25 students in order to make Ashihara Karate much familiar among Sri Lankans..

Ashihara Karate is basically named after Hideyuki Ashihara. Ashihara International Karate is one of these “spun offs”, and is one of many of the “full-contact” system in karate, emphasizing realistic combat, physical toughness, and practicality in its training curriculum. It is presently known as one of the strongest form of karate, with a strong desire in evolution and open minded approach.

The Ashihara Karatekas taking part in the training camp with Shihan Dave Jonkers (second from left)

This two day event was under the supervision of Shihan Dave Jonkers (8th dan) from Holland who heads Ashihara Karate which is a new form of Karate.

He has already visited the AIKO Sri Lanka Branch in several occasions in order to back up and develop the branch headed by Sensei Priyantha Rajapaksa (3rd dan) who is also Sri Lanka’s representative for AIKO.

For many students it was a inspiring experience to train outdoors under the supervision of masters of their art.

Sensei Rajapaksa who visited the headquarters of AIKO in Holland, where Shihan Dave Jonkers is based, in many occasions and has involved in many seminars and training camps all over Europe. He was also a honorary guest in the 2006 Kick boxing K1 competition in Tokyo, Japan, where he joined one of the most famous groups in Kick boxing and other Martial Arts, the Golden Glory team, of which the four time K1 World champion Semmy Schilt, a student of Shihan Dave Jonkers is also a member.

His experience in conducting and assisting these kind of seminars also played a big role in making this event a success.

The AIKO Sri Lanka branch which is situated in Kurunegala, has produced many students with sharpened skills. The final grading test of the camp was open for students’ friends and relations to witness.

A notable thing was that some of the students who were graded, fought about 15 matches continuously to gain the brown belt standard, which is the portal to a Black belt in this sport.

Some students, already with National titles in full contact karate in 2009, such as Udeni Rangama, Srimal Rodrigo and competition fighter Achala Bopitiya, gained their brown belt and were very much appreciated by the participants and spectators.

Sensei Rajapaksa and some students will make a short visit to Holland in order to strengthen bonds with their mother branch.


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