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Monday, 18 January 2010

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Anarchist JVP politics and 1987-1989

Terror menace - Part II:

President Premadasa upon getting elected predominantly due to the polls boycott ruthlessly enforced by the JVP, in gratification of their assistance,released 1800 hardcore JVPers who had been kept interned by President J.R. Jayewardene. With the new lease of life they enjoyed from President Premadasa they magnified their terror activities and started eliminating people whom they deemed will be obstacles to their, what they called the 2nd Revolution.

President Premadasa was not concerned about the JVP’s ruthless terror as he was, enticed by the tiger terrorists was keen only to have his honeymoon with the tigers and provide them whatever they wanted. He mistakenly believed that by sending out the Indian Peace Keeping Force, which was a condition the JVP presented him to help him in his election, the JVP will give up their terror menace and the country will return to normalcy.

The JVP however, contrary to what Mr. Premadasa mistakenly believed, intensified their ruthless terror activities and the country was set ablaze with anarchy. Death threats were proclaimed on Government servants and personnel in the armed forces and the Police were ordered to resign from their service, with a deadline imposed, and demanded to join with them to execute their “revolution”.


In return, the Government too, unleashed State Terror Gangs, such as Green Tigers, Black Cats, Yellow Cats, Pra, etc. to counter the JVP terror. People sandwiched between the two terror gangs were unanle to indulge in their day to day activities and even to visit places of worship to perform their obligatory religious rites.

Both terror groups killed people ruthlessly and mercilessly and majority of the victims were innocent people as many people took advantage of this killing spree to avenge their opponents merely misinforming one group or the other on such persons collaboration with the opposing group.

Similar to what tiger terrorists did in the villages that were called “border villages”, several memebrs of many families were brutally murdered. In some places five, six members of each family, leaving only those who were not present at the time of the unfortunate incident, were brutally massacred. Most of these massacres took place in the thick of the night.

In many places people were frightened to spend the night at their homes and many areas the youth were forced to spend the night on tree tops or inside abondoned wells or inside the ceilings of houses, or in similar hiding places.

In the day time too, people were scared to venture out as the vicious menace of “Gonibilla” inspections were prevalent on a random basis. It was recently reported in the pro-UNP website Lanka-e-news, that one of the prominent JVP, MP, a leader of the current leadership, acted as a “Gonibilla” informant and helped apprehend JVPers.

Many people who had to visit areas in neighbouring or other districts for unavoidable reasons got killed on mere suspicion of being Government informants or being JVP activists.

There were a large number of students among those killed, as in the murder of students in Embilipitiya and Tangalle. Most of the students who had been victimised had been beguiled by the JVP with their stupid slogans and indoctrinations and perished vainly, without being of any service to the nation.

Prominent and erudite Buddhist Priests, many professionals, many politicians belonging to the SLFP, UNP and Left Parties, and scores of innocent people were murdered by both terror groups in a contest with each other. The Kurunegala District Parliamentarian Johnston Fernando recently claimed that over 600 prominent UNP memebrs were murdered by the JVP during this period.

Both JVP and the State Terror groups deprived the nation the services of a number of creative artistes and journalists. The JVP was responsible for the murders of veteran broadcasters Thevis Guruge, Premakeerthi de Alwis, Sagarika Gomes and journalists such as Kulasiri Ameratunge. In return, the State Terror Groups were responsible for the brutal murder of broadcaster and journalist Richard de Soysa.

Government politicians

It was a common site to see murdered bodies of youth, both boys and girls floationg in the rivers, burning on tyre pyres, severed heads of persons kept on roundabouts, top of bunds, and other prominent places as signs of warning. Many people from the South relate that there were 27 youth burning on tyre pyres on a single day from Wellamadama near Devinuwara to Nonagama Junction, near Hambantota.

It is estimated that over 60,000 youth, misguided by the JVP through their stupid slogan “It is greater to die by struggling rather than living by kneeling down” (Danin Vatee Jeevathawanawata Wada Satan Kara Miya Yema Uthum) lost their lives prematurely in this manner, shattering all the hopes their parents held for them.

There were torture camps operated in many parts of the country and it was alleged that some of these were conducted by the Government politicians of the respective areas. Batalanda was one such torture camps and torture and murder of JVP lawyer Wijedasa Liyanaratchi of Beliatta in this camp and alleged involvement of Ranil Wickremesinghe in this incident is well-known.

Ultimately in the latter part of 1989 suddenly the security forces were able to capture almost all the poli bureau members of the JVP, including its leader Rohana Wijeweera who was living in a luxury bungalow in a place called St. Mary’s Estate, at Ulapane.

JVP leadership

It is believed by many that the present JVP leader Somawansa Amerasinghe, who is a close relative of a powerful Government Minister at that time may have helped in the capture of the JVP leadership by divulging their hideouts and got facilitated to escape to India through sea. These suspicions may have some validity as otherwise how can it be possible to find out their hideouts in different parts of the island and capture all of them within a few hours.

Wijeweera was brought to Colombo and upon getting forced statements recorded was taken to the General Cemetery Kanatte. It is widely reported that he was shot at Kanatte and before he breathed his last breath was cremated alive. From the Government side his capture and cremation in this manner was keot a topmost secret and only two persons, Ranjan Wijeratne and Ranil Wickremesinghe, were reported to be aware of it and they made every precaution to prevent President Premadasa becoming aware of Wijeweera’s capture.

The JVP has never admitted what they did in 1971 and during their so-called 2nd Revolution in the latter part of 1980s was erroneous. Also they have never claimed that they have given up their objective of establishing what they call “a Socialist State” in this country. They hold memorial anniversaries on April 5th, the day they launched their failed 1st Revolution, and November 13th on the day Wijeweera was killed terminating their 2nd Revolution. These two annual events and their claim of establishing a Socialist State is a strong warning that they would not hesitate to unleash terror once again and bring destruction and mayhem to this country.

They hate and are envious of President Rajapaksa not becuase he did not abolish the Executive Presidency, but because they are well aware that as per the constitutional provision nothing can be done in this without having a 2/3 majority in the Parliament which President Mahinda Rajapaksa lacks.

They hate and are envious of him because of his massive development projects being implemented, particularly in the districts of Hambantota, Moneragala, Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts which were the breeding grounds for new recruits due to utter poverty and backwardness prevalent in these districts in the past. They need poverty and hardships to prevail so that they could intesify their political activities through stupid slogans and embark on their anticipated 3rd Revolution.

Even in the run-up to the Presidential election, the JVP exhibited their tyrannical tendencies by preventing certain groups, media personnel attending the press conferences or meetings held by the candidate sponsored by them and also by destroyhing cutouts and propaganda material displayed by those supporting the President.

As such this Presidential Election has become the most crucial election on which rests whether Sri Lanka should progress with the massive projects now being implemented all over the country or should abandon all these projects and pave the way for the leeches to suck our blood in the form of JVP and put the country into anarchy once again on the one side, and on the other, the hodgepodge of alienophile unpatriotic cabal to reverse the war victory and establish a Sambandan Nadu in the North and East.

Your vote for the President will be a vote for continuation of the giant development war and prosperity for the posterity. A vote for Fonseka will be a vote for revival of JVP political anarchy in the South and to pave the way for a Sambandan Nadu in the North and the East.


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