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Monday, 18 January 2010

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President Rajapaksa put country before self

The Presidential Election campaign is gradually reaching its climax as January 26, 2010 draws near. Numerous promises, allegations, counter allegations and mud slinging are the topics discussed by many these days. Daily News interviewed the Transport Minister and Treasurer of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Dullas Alahapperuma for his views on the current political situation and some allegations made.

Q: The Presidential poll is eight days away, how successful is the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) campaign?

A: The UPFA campaign is extremely successful from the day the Presidential poll was announced, a well planned and organised campaign covering all levels of the populace was carried out.

We were capable of aligning all electoral organisers and local government representatives to achieve the expected target.

Transport Minister
Dullas Alahapperuma

The second phase of the Mahinda Chintana was launched and it is an encouragement in itself.

We have planned and are carrying out an intricate campaign to enlighten every householder of the second phase of the Mahinda Chintana. We are confident of its success.

Q: What have you to say about the campaign of the main opponent of the incumbent President at this Presidential poll?

A: The English speaking constituents within Colombo were clamouring at the start but it has died down to a whimper now.

At this moment the election machinery of the United National Party is not functioning as it should. That’s because its leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has no intention of seeing retired General Sarath Fonseka win this election. The JVP who performed dismally at the last local government elections will be so unsuccessful that they will be history.

The JVP is breathing its last while hanging on to the rotten limb extended by the UNP. Other than this there is nothing noteworthy in this union.

Q: The Opposition’s major allegation is the Rajapaksa family have purchased a large number of properties and enterprises, recently. Is there any truth in this statement?

A: That story is fabricated and not true. If the allegation is correct we challenge them to prove it. No one has taken up our challenge as yet.

These stories have no head or tail and carry no weight.

The people should note that those campaigning for retired General Sarath Fonseka have avoided discussing the allegation regarding the involvement of his son in law’s hand in supplying the Army with military equipment at on open forum. This just goes to prove who the real racketeers are.

Q: There was a notable setback for your party in the Matara District at the last Southern Provincial elections. How will it affect the result of the forthcoming Presidential poll?

A: If you say that we faced a setback in the last Provincial Council Elections it is not correct.

What really happened was that the voter turn out was low, but at the Presidential election it wont be so.

The supporters of the UNP and JVP at grass roof level are disgusted of this union and are flocking around President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

For example in the Devinuwara electorate there is a major change. H.R. Piyasiri a former Member of Parliament and Minister of State has joined hands with us together with many local government representatives. They have pledged their support for President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s campaign.

We appreciate this because one has to be of strong will to make such a sacrifice to change one’s political party and principals. We welcome all of them. They are members of our party who have put country before self. Our leader is a transparent person who is not revengeful. He is an exemplary leader.


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