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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

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Investors ready for Star Class hotels:

Tourism picks up in Jaffna

There is immense potential for tourism and hotel industry in the Northern province. Over 500 people visit Jaffna daily from various parts of the country with the dawn of peace.

With the opening of the A-9 road for the public, the number of tourists visiting Jaffna has increased rapidly. In years to come tourists will not only arrive by road and air, but the ferries will also increase.

Jaffna tourism

* Over 500 people visit Jaffna daily

*There are 17 guest houses and 11 restaurants in Jaffna

* Timely for sustained tourism in the country.

The Nallur Kovil - a major tourist attraction in Jaffna

Daily News Business interviewed several investors who are keen to invest in the hotel and tourism industry for their views. Most said there are no Star Class hotels in Jaffna and considering the opportunity the investors are ready to set up Star Class hotels.

It is a niche market for and since it is in the pre-mature stage, it is the ideal time to enter into the market, they said.

One investor said people in Jaffna are not yet ready for large-scale investment.

“But as investors we cannot waste time and let go the opportunities in this area.

At present the investors are conducting market surveys in the tourism and hotel industry for a lucrative tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

Jaffna is a resource land, which was untouched for the past three decades and it is vital to adopt the concept of being green since it is timely to have a sustained tourism in the country,” he said. Another investor said Asian tourists have shown a huge interest in exploring the country and regional tourism was not much affected even during the global economic downturn.

“It is essential to highlight novel concepts, activities and diversifications such as eco-tourism, adventure tourism, beaches, surfing, snorkelling, wildlife, ancient city exploring, food, shopping, religious backgrounds, cultural events and ayurvedic medicaments,” he said.

“Through the increased developments in these medium and long-term investments of the resorts, inns, restaurants and hotels, it would expand the Gross Domestic Production (GDP), foreign exchange earnings, job opportunities within the area and as a result the per capita income of the people will also increase substantially.

With the rapid development projects that are being carried by the Government will help the investors to launch their business in the Northern province.



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