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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

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Listen, listen, listen

My son, wisdom is more precious than rubies
Sow righteousness and you will reap reward
The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life
It has the power of life and death
When you guard your lips, you will guard your life
Wisdom is found in those who take advice
He who walks with the wise grows wise
Make your plans by seeking advice
Don't commit adultery, it destroys your life
It reduces you to a loaf of bread and disgrace a lot
Don't join those who drink till dawn
They become poor and wear rags
Your eyes will see strange sights when you are
with them
Your mind imagine confusion things to make
your life worse
It bites your life like a snake
And poisons like a viper
Buy the truth and do not sell it
Do not pay attention to every word what
people say
Don't live in a fantasy world
Listen my son and be wise
And keep your heart on the right path.

 - Mangalieka

Welcome 2010

Welcome the year Two Thousand and Ten.
There are many matters I wish to pen.
Peace and prosperity are already existing.
People of all walks are surely enjoying.

Peace not only to the citizen.
But also to the fish in the ocean.
To the birds in the blue sky,
And animals sans fear to lie.

As bombs and explosions are no more,
All can move where they wished to go.
Life is precious for all living things.
They could continue by God's Blessings.

Prosperity for all specially to the poor,
And others for business who daily tour.
Collective and individual positive contribution,
Will flourish and nourish our beautiful nation.

Presidential elections are round the corner.
Sensibility should prevail in every voter.
Brain and the brawn are in the fray,
What should survive I need not say.

- Nazly Cassim

Mother of God and Queen of peace aid us

Terrorist have been driven away;
But a greater terror has come our way
Queen of Peace look down on our fair isle,
Peace to us bring always not for a while.
The great election is close at hand
And many an evil has crept into our land
The election violence is spreading around
Thus a great uproar our country abound.
Mother dear with your Son do plead;
To grant all voters the help they need
Ask the Prince of Peace to lead the way
Thus the choice be his not the voters I pray
From North to South and East to West
May a heavenly band on our country rest
On the Election Day to herald in harmony and peace
And make all violence automatically cease.
God holds the future in His hands
With grace sufficient day by day;
Through good or ill HE gently leads,
If we but let Him have His ways

- Norma Perera

Let's be grateful

Filled with fear
Freshened every New Year
Those were years of yore.
When terrorists tore
Our country to the core
Horror and terror everywhere.

Emerged then our leader
As an ever shining star
The real hero of the war.
His words of wisdom
Born of sincere patriotism
Inspired our warriors to heroism.

Annihilated is cruel terrorism
Blows the breeze of freedom
No more cry of separatism.

Peacefully marches the New Year
Sans any terror nor any fear
The future is bright and clear

But there's a great fun
A tragedy under the sun
As greed has gripped the gun.

To bite the hand that fed
Is a sin by any standard
Clearly should it be understood.

Yet unruffled is our Captain
Who stands like a mountain
To him victory is certain.
All architects of betrayal
All those who are ungrateful
Fall will they all - one and all.

People in their multitude
Express must they their gratitude
For unpardonable is ingratitude.

 - N.M.L.M. Haleel


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