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Thursday, 12 November 2009

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Library for Kadawatha

In 1956, when I was preparing for the Senior School Certificate Examination Kadawatha was a quiet township surrounded by villages. The residents depended on what they grew. The population was small. There were few shops and kiosks hardly been patronised. The villagers came down this street once in a blue moon. Once in a while a British made Ford, a Sunflower, a Morris or an Austin passed through breaking the silence. Sir John Kotalawela's black Biuke Special was also seen on the thoroughfare seldom with other American limousines. of course, not in large numbers.

Today, fifty years later Kadawatha is vastly developed with plans afoot for further development. The work on the extensions to the existing town is in progress. And also, population is increased because of the influx of people from various parts of the country for employment in Colombo. It has reached the status of one of the largest towns in the Western Province. Incalculable numbers of pedestrians and vehicular traffic that throng and jam have called upon the Traffic Police to ease the situation all over. New buildings including high-rises have come up as a result of flourishing businesses becoming it difficult to locate places without making enquiries.

We know that our literary percent as at now is at a higher level. Facilities are pouring in from all sides for educational purposes. Reading is becoming a habit more than ever before amongst all, especially the children all over the island with no exception at Kadawatha. The lack of a library at Kadawatha is a long felt need not realized by the authorities concerned yet. There is a reading room at Kadawatha where a few selected daily newspapers are made available. It is often in sixes and sevens. Nothing is traceable. There is no knowledgeable person from whom even an enquiry could be made. It remains same as it was fifteen years ago I began to visit. As it is a privately sponsored one, we have to bear the shortcomings with them. Therefore it becomes necessary to urge the authorities to give top priority to the construction of a complex for this purpose. It should not be an abode in a ten perch block of land with all the hustle and bustle around. In a sufficiently large piece of land in the midst of a picturesque landscaping where silence is well preserved, an adequately spacious building should be constructed with the upper floor reserved for the children. The best example is the library at Anuradhapura.

In this ultra modern age where the Homo sapiens build castles in the air the children and elders as well must have access to information on modern technology. Therefore, there is the urgent need to act with this aspect in mind.

L.A.W. LiyanaArachchi Kadawatha

Roads not renovated in Galle

The Gamagewattha Lane off Hirimbura Cross Road at Galagediya Junction located between Beligaha Junction and Karapitiya had not been renovated for over five years in site of constant reminders and requests made by he people of the area. It gets muddied and water blocked with the slight rain making it impossible to cross specially by the schoolchildren in uniform. It is also a health hazard as there is rat fever spreading. Where there is no rain it gets dusty by the passing vehicle polluting the air. This road - the worse part about 500 meters - should have been the first priority in the municipal area for any kind of road development programs.


How to prevent A (H1N1) spread

I could remember that A (H1N1) Swine Flu had affected American and European countries in 1968 and 1976. It is surprising to note it is spreading in Asian countries now. In fact when it was detected in India sometimes back it did not draw special attention of Indian scientists. They felt that the virus A (H1N1) cannot survive in hot countries like India. Now they feel that at moderate level of weather condition it can multiply and also has the capacity to change itself fast (mutant).

Unfortunately there is no vaccine for this. This virus A (H1N1) affects the lungs first and the following symptoms could be seen:

A. Continuous cough

B. High temperature

C. Headache

D. Body pain

E. Infected throat

Usually it attacks children of 6-14 years age group. However, weak people, heart patients, cancer patients also face the danger like children.

This virus A (H1N1) spreads fast in air-conditioned rooms. Doctors say that if the patient sneezes this virus can spread even beyond six feet distance.

The following precautions are suggested.

a. Avoid travelling to problem countries (India) at present.

b. Avoid visitors from these countries. It is better to have an interval of two weeks to meet them.

c. Avoid functions, gathering etc. as much as possible.

d. Clean the hands (before meals, after using toilets) with soap, detol, alcoholic disinfectant.

e. If suggested by doctors, in your working and other places wear suitable air pollution controlling masks.

f. Drink adequate (of course boiled) water.

g. Avoid smoking and also using of narcotics which weakens your body.

I presume proper medicine is available. I understand Ayurvedic treatment is also beneficial. It is better to comment in research study in this matter as we should not miss out a single opportunity of recovering. Public also should be on alert till the situation eases. Government should continue publishing important reports.

We faced with Chikunguniya, Dengue and now Swine Flu. I understand that in India another flu has started known as Monkey flu though it is considered not dangerous as swine flue. Chikunguniya is spreading in India again (Rameshwaram area). Therefore we should have strict checks at Katunayake airport and if necessary to keep the infected people in quarantine.




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