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Thursday, 12 November 2009

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Ramani Fernando a trailblazer:

Hair flair for fashion flare

Ramani Fernando

Every man or woman contends look their best. Be it a party, an awards ceremony, a cozy get together or a wedding, your hairstyle should reflect the theme of the occasion as well as your personality.

With a style that is sleek and a little bit dramatic, you will gain the spotlight and all the glitz it garners.

Five tips for great looking hair

* Identify your hair type and choose the correct products that go with it.

* Colouring enhances the haircut so do not hesitate to use a quality product to get the hair colour you desire. You have nothing to fear as long as you use the correct product which goes with your hair.

* Avoid shampooing hair everyday. Shampoo and condition once in three days.

* Have an oil massage once a week followed by steaming. Do this for three months. Then have a break for a month and continue again. It is good for your blood circulation, scalp, hair growth and is a form of stress release.

* Do a deep conditioning once in two weeks. It is like a vitamin for your hair.

With more than 30 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Ramani Fernando knows all about hair.

"I believe hair does wonders to a person in completing a look. It can change your whole image. Be it a long mane or a short locks, maintenance is important. Trim and use the correct products which go along with the type of hair.

It does not mean you should essentially wear your hair in waves if you possess long and healthy hair. You can wear it in different styles to enhance your looks and create a difference, " she explained how to rejuvenate your looks according to time and occasion.

According to Ramani hairstyles differ according to the shape of the face and lifestyle. Age is a deciding factor as well but she notes that individuals in their teens or twenties can carry off almost any kind of hairstyle.

She says: "Older women look groomed in shorter haircuts. After a certain age limit long, loose hair does not quite tally with your looks."

Coloured hair and vibrant hair extensions are the in thing at the moment and many men and women tend to experiment a lot with colouring chunks of their hair for special occasions or for daily wear. Ramani believes that colouring will be one feature that will never go out of fashion.

Pictures by
Ruwan de Silva
Futuristic hair style

"Jet black hair looks nice on youngsters while coffee shades suit the aging skin. The short crop will most likely be the trend in 2010because many of the celebrities are styling their stresses to suit shorter hair,"she opined adding that it is some innovative aspect sported by a big name which sets the fashion mills rolling.

She says that though people complain that most of the hairstyles showcased during a fashion show is not wearable, the event actually opens windows to the realm of creativity. "It is no use projecting styles you see everyday on the street at a fashion show. Innovative techniques needs to be put to use to bring out a whole new look that will leave your audience gaping.

You can actually pick up a few tips for everyday wear if you study some of the styles,"she noted adding that viewers can expect a wave of creativity at 'Hair Art 2009', the graduation ceremony of Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair Academy, where some of her own students will be displaying some trendy hairstyles to the public.

Cut and colour hair designs for teenagers Classic hairstyle Mongolian collection

The event is expected to take over the Galadari Hotel on November 24 at 6 p.m. New hair cutting, shaving and moulding techniques will be introduced at the event which is produced by renowned choreographer and creative director Senaka de Silva.

The event will comprise a variety of different themes:from the tribes of Africa to Australia for unkempt hair had also been a source of inspiration for the students along with make up, body paint and tattoos.

Sunsilk which has joined hands with Ramani and team also offers 20 scholarships to selected candidates with a flair for the art and the drive to pursue a career in the sector at the academy.

Speaking on the precautions that you can take while colouring hair, Ramani stated that it is best to do a skin test before adding colour to your hair. This ensures that you do not get a reaction to the chemicals you would be using along with the dye.

"It is also essential to use conditioner on dry and curly hair in a humid climate. Your hair is like a plant so it needs to be trimmed regularly to ensure healthy growth as well as to get rid of split ends," she said.

"We roller set the hair instead of blow drying. Our setting lotion was beer. I cut a few of my friends' hair," she said.



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