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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

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National census on population and housing in 2011

The Department of Census and Statistics will conduct the 14th National Census of Population and Housing in 2011.

This will be held in all 25 districts after a lapse of 30 years, Director H.R. Gunasekera told a press conference in Colombo.

Preliminary preparations for the census such as Grama Niladhari division maps and census block maps in 18 districts are in progress and the same process in eight Districts of the North and East will commence shortly, he said.

The census is the only source of social, economic and demographic information on each and every individual and on living quarters at a given point of time and is the basis for national and subnational development plans and policies. Therefore the public should be aware of its importance and the media should create an awareness among the public, he said.

A large number of numerators - 85,000 - would be taking part in this census conducted from house to house all over the country and 30 million questionnaires have to be filled from the households by the enumerators.

The last national census was held islandwide in 1981 and a census held in 2001 was able to take in only one district out of eight in the North and East, Ampara; terrorist activity in the other seven districts prevented the census being conducted.

The first national census was done in 1871 under the Census Ordinance of 1871 during British colonial government and the Census (Amendment) Act No. 55 of 2000.

The current legal enactment covering the populations or housing census gives authority to enumerators - agents of the Director Census and Statistics to ensure the confidentiality of the information given by householders and members of the public in answering the questionnaires used in the census, the Director said.



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