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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

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Let's forge ahead

Let's pray
For unity and harmony is Sri Lanka
Whose gallant Forces
Ended the ruinous war
Dispelling all narrow divisions
Of langauge, caste, creed
And other evil thoughts
That once shattered this island nation's peace
So, let's now pray
For a peaceful Sri Lanka
Sans sharp borders
Of North and East,
South and West
And other self defined boundaries
And end all turmoil,
Fear and hate,
To build a resurgent sri Lanka
Which would sprout richly
Like some long parched land
After a welcome shower,
Banishing fear and ignorance
Of one another's religion, langauge and race,
Making destructive thoughts
Merely a bitter experience
Of the past,
And strengthen our proud country
To bravely forge ahead
To unitedly stand
In everlasting peace and harmony
As one country,
As one land
And as one nation.

Andrew Scott


Cricket, cricket is a lovely game
Good old days, it was known as a gentlemen's game
Also sometimes recognized as the willow game
Bats, wickets, bails and balls used in the game

Actions of fielding, bowling, batting made sideways
The players in the field display plenty of movements
The short-legs, square-legs, fine-legs and silly-points
Isn't funny? The names given for field placements

The two batsmen at the centre, battle with balls
Being monitored by the two-Head and Leg umpires
A measured track used between the two wickets
With two bails on them and upon a turf made sense

A red leather ball and two willow bats used in a match
A bowler given six deliveries at a batsman and kept a watch
Umpires in black trousers and white coats to go with
Players in full white have to adhere to a set of rules very much

Standard distance kept from the track to boundary lines
The batsmen run between wickets to score runs
Hit the balls to reach the boundary for sixes and fours
Given out when the ball is caught or hits the stumps

In England where cricket was introduced in bygone years
Exact date is not known but the first set of rules
Introduced in seventeen forty-four since
Popularized the game with lot of youth participation

Marylebone Cricket Club famous as MCC in England
Housed at Lords where the game of cricket was registered
Council known as ICC where cricket is governed
And maintained a set of rules that players adhered

The game is very popular among the young boys
Played at any venue and kept in mind the rules
No questions of leather balls and willow bats and wickets
Still played for the love of cricket with any thing at ease

Leading schools and the clubs play the game in style
Became popular as embraced by all walks of life
Cricket commentaries with commercials on air and telecasts live
Arranged tournaments with lots of enthusiasm among every one

For the game no discrimination of gender
Participation of girls in plenty no wonder
To the sport they have added splendour
Yet gone up to the national level with grandeur

Facelift given to cricket and played with dedication
Players wear all kinds of gear as protection
This was not the case in olden days yet no violation
Now some play cricket as their profession

Cricket, cricket what a lovely Commonwealth game
Legends being celebrated made fame by the game
Devoted entire lives for the betterment of the game
At any cost should prevail its virtue of the game

Kapila Mendis

A noble son of Lanka

Mother Lanka is free at last
For she had given birth to a son
The bravest, most courageous, far sighted
Walking with royalty
Most humble among the needy
No barriers of class, race or religion
Treating all with a humane touch.

No external power and could dictate terms to
No unseen hand could pull him back to
Rallying round the dedicated warriors
Encouraging the brave soldiers
Protecting their kith and kin
Freed Lanka from a ruthless foe
When others hid behind a curtain of woe

May long live this noble son
Mother Lanka'd ever be proud of.

S. Jinadasa

I met her in a dream

I loved you as much as my heart could do
But, your parents were mighty to make it undo
I was hapless and worthless like a morning dew
As the sun scorches to make me chew

I was not born with a silver spoon
Unlike your clan with golden spoons
When poverty enters from the rear door
The love disappears from the front door

Seconds, minutes and days pass by
Without your sweet voice telling bye, bye
I pray to God that poor should not
Be the scapegoat

I wait at your school gate
To have a glimpse of your lovely face
But you are whisked way in a limousine
Giving no time for my neck to crane

I think and weep for you the all day
And go to sleep Sans meals for the day
I met you in my dream one day
I thought sleeping the whole day
J. Nagodavithana


First rays of the sun combed through flora
To assist people to dawn a new future
Thee secretly crept in disguised
To scoop the golden flower away
You are mistaken
The colour of the blossom
Has been transcribed into another,
Thou know;
I stole the aroma of her years ago.
Thou art late-
Yet thee enjoy the frame juice less

Wasantha Thilakarathna

Mary's month

Mary's month has come our way:
At Mary's feet our problems lay
She the mother of god who has such power
Let's turn to her at this dark hour.

An our (Army Navy, Air Force, Police of our land;
On them mother place you hand,
Still much help they now need
With your son do earnestly plead.
No human hand can help us now;
From above must come aid somehow
Sinhala, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers whoever we be

Are all God's children: Aren't we ?
To our Heavenly Father whisper mother dear;

Wipe way all terrorist from our near
"Ask and you shall receive," he did say
Now in one voice for aid we pray
Bringing your children from camps:A Difficult task

And settling them in homes: Your aid we ask
As at the wedding of Cana: One word from your son
Thus the long lost peace will be won

Norma Perera



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