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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

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Recalling sweet memories

Ninaithale Inikkum (Sweet memories) is a remake of the Malayalam Hit film "Classmates" written by James Albert. Ninaithale Inikkum is a very youthful film with all the required ingredients such as friendship and romance but the film is completely different after the interval bringing in some unexpected twists and thrilling incidents. The first half of the movie is clichéd narrating scenes like rivalry between classmates, love, friendship and college pranks. The second half is very intriguing and justifies the first half as the mysteries unravel.

The rivalry between two gangs in a university leads to vengeance, deaths and attempts to murder. Photography is striking especially in the songs. The locations perfectly blend with the costumes of the artistes giving a pleasant visual experience. Vijay Antony's music composition for the song alagai pookuthe (meaning beautifully blossoms) is mesmerizing.

Prithiviraj condemns Alaipayuthey fame Karthik for his indecent behavior with some college girls. Karthik who feels insulted by Pritiviraj plans to break up his love with Priya mani. Karthik succeeds in his attempt to break-up the lovers. Shakthi the best friend of Prithiviraj and the peace maker between the classmates suddenly dies in an accident. Years later when Prithiviraj returns for a function organized by the college, the story changes from a fun-rider to a thriller. Prithiviraj gets attacked and everybody suspects Karthik only to find out later it is not him. The story moves on with a series of unexpected twists by intelligently connecting with incidents from the college days.

Prithiviraj performs with ease and maturity showing his experience in every frame. Priya mani has done a satisfying job but the real show stealer is Karthik who plays the antagonist. He grabs everyone's attention especially in the scene where all the classmates gather at Shakthi's funeral. His expressions of sorrow and grievance are poignant. Good start for 'Vijay TV lollu Saba' Jeeva as a comedian and inclusion of some experienced actors like K.Bhagyaraj is a plus point to the film.

The story is woven cleverly between the characters and leaves a satisfaction with the viewer of watching a fully fledged story. Malayalam film goers have a different taste from that of the Tamil audience; hence some changes could have been made to certain areas of the script to make it more appealing to the Tamil audience. The second half of the movie and how it relates itself to the first half makes it unique among the recently released films. The film is really worth a watch for its photography and the sequence of scenes after the recess.


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