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Friday, 3 July 2009

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Public support is needed to develop the country

The dubious role of the politicians who held power in the past made our national issues at a dilemma. They used to make quite can contradictory statements. Once they make a favourable statement in the country and make a different statement outside the country in India or so. This has brought a conflictive situation in the country splitting the confidence of the Sinhala and Tamil and the Muslim communities and giving LTTE to prosper and make their stand more solid said the Governor of the Central Province Tikiri Kobbekaduwa addressing of the Tamil Traders association.

The Governor speaking further described the noble, fearless, impartial role of the President who has been able to clear the doubts of the different communities. The President has come into an unique position, by creating a history at the recent United Nations' session by addressing the organization in Tamil, Further his recent proclamation of eradicating a term "Minority" for the agenda of the Mahinda Chinthana created a new political concept in the country, the Governor said.

This encounter of the Tamil Traders Association and the Governor was organized by the Provincial Ministry of Hindu Cultural Affairs Kobbekaduwa said. The prolonged civil conflict cost a lot, when we consider its effect it was a big blow to our economy, lives. Our defence expenses rose up. To fill in the gap the state had to impose taxes in various ways. But now we would be able to get more relief from the next budget he said. Now we have a big task of rebuilding the battered economy. Reconciliation and resettlement need urgent priority for while public support is urgently needed. Also we should take every precaution to protect the freedom we have achieved, by preventing any evil movement to crop up.

The Minister of Hindu Cultural Affairs P. Radakrisnan addressing the meeting said the riots in 1983 the Black July made many Tamils to leave the country. He said now the situation is good and those who had left the country, begin to come in, honouring the pledge of the President. He said the Tamils occupy 35 percent the population in the Central Province who enjoy the freedom conferred to them by the president.



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