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Friday, 3 July 2009

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Jaffna Jaipur Centre helping the needy

Jaffna Jaipur Centre for Disability Rehabilitation (JJCDR), situated at the Old Park Junction. Jaffna, is purely a service institution which provides artificial limb orthotic devices wheel-chairs, tricycles walkers and other mobility devices. The harmonious environment, polite and amiable office staff, efficient technicians, kind physiotherapists make the place heavenly. It has an unrivalled reputation in Jaffna for helping the needy.

The ever increasing demand for the artificial limbs made it essential to establish a workshop in Jaffna. The increasing of the differently abled coupled with their difficulties to travel by road to Colombo paved the way for establishing of the Jaffna Jaipur Centre in 1987.

The centre at first started functioning with a workshop containing eight employees. The produce then was only artificial limbs. The centre gradually expanded tremendously to fulfill the requirements of the victims. It is now a very big banyan tree having several hanging-roots such as Administrative Section, Prosthetic Orthotic workshop, Mobility workshop, Physiotherapy section etc. It is a shelter for 28 employees; of whom eight are differently-abled themselves and flocks of needy patients.

War in the North resulted with thousands of innocent victims with amputed limbs. JJCDR restores a number of victims to normalcy which thus enhances confidence in them. It stretches its helping hand to the hospitals, where most of the amputations are done by counselling the patients regarding stump care, fitting artificial limbs.

The need of the JJCDR is acutely felt more than ever now because of the great number of the amputees in IDP camps after Vanni operation.

A good number is brought to the workshop in ambulances with the support of ICRC from remote areas of the peninsula. The desperate, sorrowful limping victims who enter into the threshold of JJCDR are restored to life again with replaced artificial limbs and steady gait. It is a true fact that when they go out their faces shine with high expectations. They are extricated from the fear of the future and become ready to face the challenges of the future.

The success of the JJCDR depends mostly on the selfless dedication of the management body, zealous and enthusiastic efforts of the staff and the kind promising manner in which they mingle with patients. Above all the employees are dedicated staff who realize the extent of damage of the patients, care them as if their own kin and try their best to offer remedy.

JJCDR is a fully-fledged autonomous institution supported by ICRC and governed by a Management Body. The Administrative Section functions under the guidance of the Administrative officer where data of the patients, administrative and financial management etc are regularly kept. The Prosthetic and Orthotic Workshop headed by the Manager involves in the production of various items. At present its productions expand from Jaipur technology to high technological polypropylene upto trans-humeral (Above Elbow) and trans-radial (Below Elbow) prosthesis, trans-femoral (Above Knee) and trans-tibial (Below Knee) prosthesis, ortho prosthesis and partial foot.

Its Orthotic section produces cervical collar, spinal support, lumbar corset, hand splint, special sandals, knee braces and knee ankle foot orthosis and ankle foot orthosis. The Mobility Section functions under the headship of the manager which produces tricycles, wheel-chairs, three-wheeler chairs, commode wheel-chairs, special wheel-chairs, supportive seat, battery powered wheel-chairs and tricycles and engine powered tricycles. It also manufactures walkers, walker with alarm for visually handicapped, arm crutches, walking sticks, walking aid and white cane. The physiotherapy section headed by a physiotherapist and they help the speedy fitting of prosthesis by their regular physiotherapy services at the centre and their weekly visit to see the amputated patients at the Teaching hospital Jaffna.

The differently abled are given loans to enhance their income earning capacity. The differently abled students who go to school are given a monthly educational grant to meet their educational expenses. The Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. K. Umapathy visits the centre monthly to attend the patients who need special medical care.

From the hearts of the beneficiaries;

Rev. Sister P. Florina, who undergoes physiotherapy at the centre quotes, "Jaipur is not only a centre for rehabilitation but also a centre of love.

Fitting an artificial limb for a lost limb or bringing back a numb limb into normalcy is just like a creation of God. This is the real service to God".

Hindu Priest S. Saddanathakurukkal reveals, "When I was desperate after losing my right leg below knee the physiotherapists of JJCDR directed me here. I have a leg now which is the outcome of the dedicated service of the staff. I am confidently walking.

S. Vasantharajah points out, "I lost my leg in Vanni operations and was with crutches at IDP camp. The employees of JJCDR with the ICRC gave me a new artificial leg and gave me gait training which makes my movement fast and steady".

E.A. Anandarajah mentions, "I was a beneficiary of Jaipur already. Since I displaced seven times when I was in Vanni during operations, my artificial limb was damaged and lost. The staff of Jaipur together with ICRC came to the IDP camp and assured me of a new one. I am bound to this centre for ever for making me a normal man again".

M.T. Kabil 15 year old child reveals, "Eventhough I lost my limb in my early childhood JJCDR regularly changes the artificial limb according to my growth. In addition they motivated me to follow my education and still support me with monthly educational grant."

We all are proud that JJCDR paves way for the differently-abled to resume their routine life and to live independently. It's really a boon to the war-torn Peninsula. May the Almighty bless the centre with more and more support in future!.



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