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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

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'Puss is Back'

Chaminda Pusswedilla

A comic president by the name of Chaminda Pusswedilla was the root cause of the laughter at the Lionel Wendt last Sunday that cheered people up despite Sri Lanka not winning the ICC 20-20 World Cup.

Laughing gas was sprayed everywhere when theater-goers were shown 24 hours in the day in the life of a President (Puss). Anuraddha Fernando acting as 'Puss' really did justice to his part by acting the big burly role of hotshot Prez while still growing weak at the wrath of his M-I-L (Mother in Law) Mabel Payagala who wanted to change her ambassador role from India to USA.

Tackling controversial aspects of corruption, bribery, family positions, social standing, financial gain and even romantic liaisons, Puss is a real 'pissu' case when it comes to handling a President's job.

Puss with the stars

His P.A. (Personal Assistant) Cyril Nitharamasuffering has a tough time making all the Puss appointments while also 'playing practical jokes to make Puss' life interesting' and Puss's best friend Bernard Pagaagiving who has several companies, is awarded all the tenders for making money.

Sunil Bailachakravartees the musician sings some awesome 'baila' songs to add spice to Puss life while Bimal Kammaliwansa tries his best to be lazy and crazy having being bribed by Puss for a position. Chaminda's son Banki is now seen as an intelligent person who helps his Dad but is more bothered about 'Lamborgenies' than 'Vulvas'.

Puss's Uncle Karunasena Sardinepacking is given a chairman position of Chamind Air, the country's new national airline with his experience in the bus conducting area.

Puss's fair objection of his affections Suwineetha Borubsi who is asked to sit at parliament to eavesdrop on the opposition people for the possible Puss impeachment has too many hair appointments to even think of going there.

Puss with the Queen

The Ms. French Diplomat highlights about the human rights situation and the sworn and known translator who doesn't a French word tries to give Puss a better understanding of the foreigner. All the while, we see Robert Westernthinking of the CNN (Carrying Nothing Newsworthy) channel recording the days' events as Puss goes through the pains of being President.

The Puss drama is definitely worth seeing as it finishes this week and is a good stress-reliever for all those who need a nice laugh especially for those Singlish-talkers.

All in all, the drama revolves around the political circles and also takes the pun in every one - from the government to the opposition which might not be favourable under these environs.

However, drama is drama and Feroze Kamardeen and Sirraj Abdul have done wonders while retaining the 'Puss' flavour while trying not to ruffle any feathers. Various sponsors have also made this drama a success!


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