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Friday, 12 June 2009

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Argentina stresses integration

Argentina: Argentinian Foreign Minister Jorge Triana said regional integration, with unity in their positions, is essential to move forward great discussions in the world.

In a debate-talk on Tuesday night, organized by the Floreal Gorini Cultural Center for Cooperation, he remarked that the process for integration is not conflicting with but rather complementary of multilateralism, and conceives that Argentina plays a role in the world, with integration in two fronts.

One is the economic-trade front, in the context of MERCOSUR, he said, and the other is rather political, that of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

He said the subcontinent shapes a huge geographical area and has a historic debt in developing economic infrastructure, hence the importance of merging the processes with technological transference, training of officials and energy integration, which is very important to development, he asserted.

He also said political and cultural unity is essential, “because if we do not see each other as brothers with equal objectives, it is impossible to make progress.”

In this reference, the head of the Argentinian diplomacy said the political element that has been built in South America is important, and repeated words used by President Cristina Fernandez, who has highlighted publicly that few times have the leaders elected in the subcontinent’s countries looked so much like their people.

He reiterated that only with joint stances, is it possible to reach objectives in negotiations with other countries and blocs in the world.

He asserted that the 4th Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata in 2005 was an important corner stone in the hemisphere’s policy, when they said NO to the Free Trade Agreement for the Americas (FTAA) and gave priority to work, as the core of human dignity and wealth production, above Washington’s consensus.

In his opinion, from then to the organization of America States (OAS) meeting, which eliminated by acclaim the 1962 resolution that expelled Cuba from the organization, a time for great changes began.

Buenos Aires, Prensa Latina


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