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Friday, 12 June 2009

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Savings accounts for war heroes’ children

The Seva Vanitha Unit of the Defence Ministry presented savings pass books with Rs. 20,000 deposits - a gift from Bank of Ceylon to 14 children of war heroes at the Defence Ministry yesterday.

H. P. Nadhuni Imelka (7), is born without legs and confined to a wheelchair until she was given artificial limbs by Seva Vanitha Chairperson Ayoma Rajapaksa. Picture by Saman Sri Wedage

Seva Vanitha Deputy Chairperson Indhu Ratnayake said the Seva Vanitha Unit could reach out to support the education of war heroes’ children who had laid down their lives to protect the motherland. “We have planned from the beginning of this year to help war heroes’ children educationally to ensure a bright future for them. The idea of supporting these children had come true with the assistance of the BoC,” she added.

Ratnayake asserted that the Seva Vanitha has contributed to a large number of projects to support war heroes’ families. “We are successfully continuing housing schemes for the war heroes’ families. In addition we provide them with healthcare, welfare centres to address their grievances and wheelchairs and trishaws for the disabled soldiers,” she said.

“This pass book is not just a token of scholarship but this will recognise them in society as long as they carry it with them,” Ratnayake said.

BoC General Manager, B. A. C. Fernando said while all are celebrating the victory; it was the duty of all citizens to support children of the war heroes who sacrificed their lives in the battlefield to free the country from terrorism.

“We were at home with our children and families while the Security Forces were fighting in the battlefield to liberate our nation, leaving their families behind. Some of them sacrificed their lives and some others were disabled in action. Without them our children could not have a country free of terrorism. Therefore, it is the duty of all citizens to look after the war heroes’ children considering them as their own children,” he added.

Retired staff of the BoC have donated Rs. 500,000 to add to the savings accounts of the children of Ranaviru parents while the Atlas Company donated Rs. 600,000.



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