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Friday, 12 June 2009

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We salute you President

We salute you dearest President for putting an end to the misery for decades which Sri Lankan people went through with pain and anger and not to mention the helplessness.

I am sure the mindful Tamil community will be believed to see this and assist the Government and the people who want to rebuild the nation once and for all.

May the Triple Gem bless our Mother Lanka.

Identity card for the next of kin

Due to the inspiring leadership of the President with unity of his brothers and the painstaking efforts of the gallant soldiers, much needed peace has dawned in Sri Lanka.

I am a medical practitioner at the Ragama Hospital and was an eyewitness recently of a sad plight of a sick and old mother of two slain soldiers, who collapsed due to a long wait in an OPD queue.

For avoiding such incidents faced by the next of kin of the soldiers who sacrificed their valuable lives and disabled themselves for the sake of their Motherland, if an Identity Card could be issued by the health authorities to obtain medical facilities from the Government hospitals for their next of kins, it will be much appreciated.

A salute to heroes

Oh! Heroic sons of Lanka,
You've liberated our Motherland
From the grip of terror and
Brought honour and dignity to the Nation.
Now we are One Country and One Nation.
No words to praise you for your courage and bravery.
The most humanitarian Army in the world'
You fought with guns in your hands
But love and affection in your hearts.
Three decades of sorrow and agony
Vanished from hearts.
A new era has dawned
For us to breathe the fresh air of Freedom.
A day will dawn for us to rejoice once again.
Now let's extend our hands of friendship
To our brethren of the North who need love and affection.
When will Ruhunu Kumari of the South meet
Yaldevi of the North?
Let's count for that happiest day
To exchange our warmest greetings of
Aayubowan with Wanakkam.
Well done Sons!... Well done!

Rehabilitation of captured terrorists

It is surprising to find that over 9,000 terrorists captured by Armed Forces remain to be rehabilitated to become the patriots of united Sri Lanka.

My suggestion is that the Government should appoint a Board of Consultants from veteran educationists - psychologists - psychotherapists - humanitarians - of multi-religious and linguistic groups - Tamils - Muslims and the Sinhalese. These experienced scholars and medical professionals should be assigned with the project.

In fact, though these captives are silent under the power of the Armed Forces, they will not easily change their minds already poisoned by Prabhakaran and his hard core team.

Hence, the psychologists can approach each one of the captives personally and do away with or apply anti-dote technique of changing the traits of the poisoned mind. The theory of Tamil homeland must be changed as that of Sri Lankan homeland by psychological methods.

Victory day celebrations

Sri Lankans all, were celebrating
the crushing defeat of
the most ruthless terrorist gang
that devastated our Motherland
for nearly three decades

People in the deep South, in the Central Hills,
the newly liberated people in the East and Mannar
and Northern Jaffna and Vavuniya
were joining hands with the
jubilant city dwellers of Colombo
in welcoming the freedom from terror

Thousands and thousands of lion flags
up in the skies all over the island
were heralding the dawn of
the eve of peace and harmony
sans the deadly terror of human bombs and gunfire
Streets in the cities, towns and suburbs
were flooded with feasting Sri Lankans
sharing the traditional Kiribath and sweet meats
with all around - known and unknown

The sounds of the fire crackers,
the rhythm of the rabana music
displayed by the enthusiastic crowds
were reaching sky high
up to the heavens

Generations to come will be celebrating
this day of victory May 18, 2009
which will be recorded in the new chapter of 'Mahavansa'
'the day Mahinda - the great ruler from 'Ruhuna'
with his able General and Heroic Forces
restored the sovereignty and the territorial integrity
of our motherland'

Unite and rebuild Sri Lanka

First and foremost, I wish to convey my gratitude to your press for having played a vital role in the defeat of ruthless terrorism from the books under the able and dynamic leadership of the President and the Armed Forces.

The cancer called terrorism has been destroyed with peace and harmony dawning in the nation. Now the public has no fear in their mind to walk freely in any part of the island and can return home peacefully by attending to their day to day activities.

Now the time has come for all communities to unite and rebuild Sri Lanka irrespective of politics, cast, creed and race. Everyday people can't suffer.

Therefore, let us open our eyes and give our fullest co-operation and support to the Government to rebuild Sri Lanka and specially the IDPs who are at the camps to be looked after up to their expectations and the Government should not keep any room for complains and shortcomings from any source and see that all are treated equally because thirst and hunger is the same for every human being.

Furthermore, the Government should now gradually remove the barriers, check points and roads that are made one way for travelling which has caused a lot of inconvenience to the public. Thereby the masses will enjoy travelling freely.

The people have placed a lot of confidence in the Government and now it is the duty of all the Ministries and State Sectors to work hard genuinely in order to prove and show the public that they are really devoting towards the needs of the people and all should be treated as Sri Lankans and not as minorities.

In conclusion, I say we should try to win the hearts of the international countries, organizations and our relationship to be maintained as it is in the past.

United we stand - devided we fall


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