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Thursday, 11 June 2009

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Lanka then and now

With special reference to the audit mafia and the accounting tablets of King Mahinda IV:

Our nation is facing a situation which requires foresight and determination on the part of our leaders. The forces are wide and varied without any ethical qualms. Attempts have been made before to unleash a wave of unrest but they have not succeeded. Our brave security forces have weathered these attacks with determination and resolution and created through out the country a sense of patriotism which lay dormant after five centuries of foreign domination. The cultural imperialism of the Western countries whilst dominant has opened centers of indigenous people who have imbibed these ideas for their mutual advantage. They wish to destroy our glorious culture and civilization which has continued for over 2500 years when other civilizations were swept aside. We singularly salute our armed forces for their acts of bravery and selfless sacrifice and when the history of this country is written what we owe to them is inconceivably inestimable.

These forces again are attempting to sabotage the economy which is both local and international. Taking the local aspect these forces are implementing a programme to raise the cost of living by artificial means.The big importers of foodstuffs are creating an artificial shortage and undermine the distribution of essential food. The ease of Rice is a great pointer when a kilo of rice could be easily marketed at Rs. 50/-. Various stratagems are used in this regard to maintain an artificially high price and thus raking an unconscionable profit. The government introduced tough laws to keep a kilo at Rs. 60/-.

These local businesses have close affinities with international cartels. The people and the government are well aware of this predicament and helpless to solve the problem in the shortrun and thus making the government unpopular. With complete victory imminent in the war against terror the government can now concentrate its attention to the cost of living and the economy. The government now to counteract, is streamlining a distribution system through cooperatives which was deliberately undermined through a period of time.

The recession in the US and the west has weakened these countries to customize our economies for their exploitation.

The economic riches of the country they with uncanny vision have set their sights. The most important is the certainty of finding oil within the country and offshore as well. This is one of the most deadly facts of exploitation. The saying goes that where there is oil these powers are liked crazed mongrels fighting for a bitch in heat. In Africa Somalia and the Sudan are glaring examples where oil is the real truth. The tragedy of Iraq, with lies of weapons of mass destruction has led to the death of millions before and after the invasion and displaced millions from the country.

An attempt is also being made on Iran. The lesson we must learn is that these forces will stop at nothing to have their way. This is briefly the Politics of Oil.

International Audit Mafia

The books of accounts are cooked by the Royal Chefs of the High and the Mighty with their Excellencies down to the meanest trader. When in Lanka King Mahinda IV enshrined in the Mihintale Inscription the worlds First Accounting & Auditing standard. The necessity for recording of accurate accounting was paramount. Here too we see the highly accurate accounting documents which is revealed in the inscriptions of the king Mahinda the fourth A.D. 975-91 at Mihintale.

"Except that which is given as means of subsistence for the collections of revenue of the villages and lands belonging to these Vihara, (temple) all other affairs transacted bona fide with the concurrence of officials at all the respective places of business shall be entered in the register."

Whatever is spent daily on the maintenance of the Maha-pa on revenue collections and on the renovations of works shall be entered in the register from the particulars contained therein. A statement of accounts shall be made with the concurrence of those at the respective places of business and such entries as are found false shall be expunged from the account. The sheet of accounts shall then be placed in a casket under lock and key. Every month the sheet of accounts so deposited shall be made public and a fresh statement of accounts be prepared from them. From the twelve statements of accounts so made during the year there shall be compiled a Balance Sheet at the end of each year which shall be read out in the midst of the community of monks and be thus finally disposed of. The employees who infringe these rules shall be made to pay ge-dand fines and they be dismissed from the service. Epigraphica Zeylanica volume 1 Tablets of Mahinda IV page 106 to 107. This passage reveals that accurate accounts had been prepared, discussed as done in modern times. This shows the highly sophisticated system of accounting, internal checks, internal audits preparation of Balance Sheets as in modern times.

The Community of monks discussed the annual accounts and approved the same. This corresponds to the modern practice of Companies of having an Annual General Meeting. From this inscription we see the importance of accurate accounting and this practice was not confined to Temple property but also for every other sector of activity.

Anderson and Co. one of the Big Five was directly involved in the Enron fiasco, other Accounting and Auditing firms including the Big Five have been guilty of malpractices and this international Audit Mafia have their representatives in the accounting and auditing firms in Sri Lanka. The licence to practice in Lanka should be cancelled from the local firms as a first step to preserve the credibility of the accounting and auditing profession. The World Bank, I.M.F. and other major international bodies insist on certain firms to carry out assignments. The recent revelation of the Golden Key Co. other members of the Ceylinco group is only the tip of the iceberg. The accounting and auditing profession in Sri Lanka is rotten to the very core. Various leading Accountants and Auditors have been involved in embezzlement in partnership and turning a blind eye to the goings on in their clients activities. The accountant has become an angel to tax dodgers and evaders.

Money Laundering

The numbered accounts and money laundering has been spoken of. But nations have developed on this money laundering such as Switzerland, Liehtenstein, Channel Islands, Luxembourg. These nations carry out the most dastardly acts of financial manipulation and crimes, have built up their economies and especially over a considerable period they have financed other nations whilst chanting pious incantations. They have become the repository of stinking resources of murderers and questions are not asked but the moneys are taken in and deposited in the Banks and lending of these dirty moneys is the main items of business. These forces are at work even in this country. The blood money of slavery which circulated in America and Europe formed one of the bases for the economic take off in these nations and capital formations. The nations and empires of the west and Americas were built on these horrendous crimes of slavery.


N.G.O's have become like a State within a State. They are untrammelled by subjecting to an audit and the expenditure of money have been for various purposes mainly for conversion and supporting the LTTE to destabilize the country. They are hand in glove with anti-national forces and continue to do so with impunity. It is now the opinion of many that the creation of the NGO was a brilliant concept which has restored much controlling powers to these World Powers. The capture of LTTE outposts have revealed that the NGOs have directly financed them and all the so-called humanitarian material were given to this terrorist outfit. Why did they not report this to the government? These NGOs should be asked to leave the country forthwith.


The Media operates with devastating effect on the country. The media in the world is controlled by the wealthy nations. Behind are the armament, pharmaceutical and chemical and advertising industries. The armament industries are in State likes US, UK and the EU the very life blood of these economies. If there is peace the industry will wither and the economies will come to a halt and consequences will be incalculable to these countries. The media industry is controlled by a handful and the media is diffused to such an extent that they cannot be easily exposed. By subterfuges, the original investor are deliberately concealed by covert operations. Another aspect of the Media is that they are inextricably conjoined with the espionage agencies of these nations. Funds without limit are expended with the blessings of their Governments. Kantilya and Machiaveli have been outshone in this cloak and dagger extravaganza. The media personnel cannot expose as they are subject to vast bribes and kept at bay by threat of exposure. Regime changes they talk of is not mere rhetoric. The media suppresses news and the truth and disinformation and distortion is served to the gullible public.

Cultural imperialism

The cultural imperialism of the EU and the US has to be dealt a fatal blow. This can be done only with Lanka focusing our cultural heritage in this light of current developments. The so-called culture of the imperialists is decadent and this reminds one of the Roman Empire whose growth was brought to an end and its fall with the decrepit values it embraced, which sapped the vitality of this society. We see now the culture of Las Vegas Mc Donalds, K.F.C. Drugs etc as the embodiment of western values. The purveyors of these values is the shameless advertising industry.

The unfortunate aspect is that powerful elements in our society looks upto these values as the personification of healthy progress. When his Excellency the President addressed the United Nations in Sinhala the ancient language of our unique and rich culture and heritage he sounded the world with unflagging patriotism the greatness of our civilization. By so doing he focused to the entire world the contribution made by Lanka with its unbroken history when other civilizations were swept aside. These values cannot be understood by the imperialist cronies.

Foreign Policy

Our country's foreign policy of non-alignment as opposed to the pro-western stance before, has been continued under the present President with greater vigor. Friendships have been established with Russia, China, Middle Eastern countries in the Pacific South America, Africa, Myanmar. It was reported on 22nd March 2009 a move spearheaded by Austria, Mexico, Costa Rica with the backing of the US on civilian killings to be brought before the United Nations Security Council was vehemently opposed by China, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Uganda, Vietnam, Libya, are veto wielding members. The move was to give the psychotic LTTE a lifeline. Our relations with Iran is a personal triumph for the President.

The recent visit of his Excellency Ahmedinijad saw the cementing of an eternal friendship. In the teeth of opposition by the U.S. a visit made by His Excellency and reciprocated by the Iranian President is a resounding triumph for our foreign policy. The result was the Uma Oya Project expansion of the Oil Refinery amongst other projects. As a matter of manifest independence of policy our President endorsed, the inalienable right of Iran to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. When the nation is at peril this act of real independence of policy is dent in the armour of the imperialist.


You are your own refuge as extolled by the Lord Buddha was the guiding principle of our forefathers. Self-reliance was practised throughout our history upto the time of western imperialist. The Portuguese, Dutch, the English devalued the concept of self-reliance. The economic growth of our country which marvelled the world did not have World Bank to carry out these gigantic hydraulic schemes. These western powers heaped scorn on our achievements and new concepts were brought to bear. The experience of our ancients in the ambrosial languor of real achievement in every field of human endeavour, finished with the advent of the westerner. Here a new cultural imperialism took over with the power of the gun. Our technologies in every sphere were suppressed, beside our irrigation systems. Our famed steel which was superior to the Sheffield steel was well-known in the world.

Foreign Policy - Ancient Times

The death nell was executed with the influx of cheap steel from England. Our healthcare system which worked wonderfully well for both man and beast were almost given the last rights. The construction of high rise buildings like the nine storied Lovamahapasada is a monument to technological greatness. It is time that we understand our rich heritage and supplant the virus of western values, so that our nation will come to its own with the trends of the modern world. This would without doubt usher in a period of prosperity in harmony with our cultural achievements.

Our foreign policy from the ancient days was defensive in military operations carried out to recover our lost lands from the invader. The battle strategies were to ensure the sovereinty of our country. From the time of King Dutugamunu we see this principle in operation. We were masters at the diplomatic and political chessboard of Southern India. We had our friends in India to counteract the political imbalance.

North Indian states were cultivated as allies and more so because we had direct links with these states.

The Sakyans we see as settlers in our land with Princess Baddhakachana being a leading and famous Sakyar Princess, married into our royalty.

Our heroe Kings fought the invaders and pushed them back. Gajabahu, Vijayabahu to name a few carried these wars of liberation.

Finally Colas were defeated but with constant invasions our energies were sapped to a low that we were forced to abandon Rajarata and the drift began. The psychotic Marga decimated the Sinhalese and ruined our irrigation system.

I have attempted to present to the reader the many aspects of the theme "Lanka then and now" in this short article. Buddhism was paramount, which covered almost every field. Buddhism and the Nation were one and inseparable. The westerner wherever they went was to exploit and secure world domination.

We had our greet fighters for the cause of the country, to name a few Rajasinghe the first, Don Cosmo Wijesekera, Wimaladarmasuriya, Weera Kappetipola, Migettuwatte Gunananda, Henry Steel Olcott, Dharmapala and nameless others whose contribution was equally great.

The rich and poor nations of the Non-aligned Movement should establish a Bank for its members which will supplant the World Bank and IMF etc. and free its members from the financial hegemony of these western powers and the US.

It is with these thoughts, concluding with the great Chinese who described Lanka as the land without sorrow and may the present leaders of our country lead us to this very same goal.


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