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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

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Sihina Kumari becomes a reality

Working on the sets of Sri Lanka's popular mega tele-serial is a tiresome task indeed but one these energetic young individuals do without complain. Sihina Kumari (Dream Princess) which comes your way daily from Monday to Friday at 7.27 p.m. managed to cling onto the hearts of the audience especially for its theme revolving around the episodes based on four youths.

With 132 episodes in its package the teleplay is also the first ever mega teledrama to go on air in stereo basis. Directed by Chamara Jayaweera of Dehadake Aadaren and Vidharshana fame, the cast includes a mixture of some popular young faces together with a host of experienced artists.

Roshan Pilapitiya, Chathurika, Ashanthi and Roshan Perera Nita and Veena in a scene from the tele-serial

Charming duo Chathurika Peiris and Roshan Pilapitiya take on the lead roles along with new entrants Ashanthi Ranasinghe and Roshan Perera. Veena Jayakody, Nita Fernando, Robin Fernando, Kusum Renu, Buddhi Wickrama, Nilanthi Wijesinghe, Teddy Vidyalankara, Tyrone Michael, Janith Wickramage,

Manel Wanaguru, Rebecca Nirmali, Udara Ranasinghe, Saman Weerasiri and others play significant roles in the story scripted by Lakshman Pushpakumara. Child actress Saranya Jayakody will also display her acting talents through Sihina Kumari while Sriyantha Mendis will make a guest appearance.

Sihina Kumari is based on a variety of themes: a triangular romance, business rivalries, the bond between parents and children and a series of rare yet realistic occurrences.

Anya is the daughter of business tycoon Edmund and Silvia Galaboda. Though she leads a well-to-do life her thoughts are occupied with the sufferings of the needy. Her life is spent in charity and social activities.

Oshan is raised by Lucian Wanigasekara who had found him as a baby dumped by a roadside. Though Oshan does not know who his biological parents are Lucian treats him as his own flesh and blood. Marlon, Lucian's real son is a cab driver.

Senith is a wealthy youth whose love Tirasha pines for. However he develops a crush on Anya who happens to be Tirasha's cousin.

The plot takes a tragic twist as Lucien develops a sudden illness and money becomes essential for an immediate surgery. In their haste to find money the two youths are thrown into a world of deception, terror, bonds and new experiences. Life will never be the same again for the four individuals.

"We discovered the storyline in the internet and developed on the scenes and aspect to add a local touch. Most of the viewers have told us that the episodes include fragments from their own experiences. They identify with the incidents and see a part of themselves in the characters," Chathurika noted on the success of the miniplay.

Sihina Kumari is the maiden production of Chala Ru Creations and produced by Jayantha Peiris, Roshan Pilapitiya and Chathurika Peiris.

"Most of the dramas today embody pretty much the same storyline.

They do not focus much on the technical aspects and the quality of the final product. The story stretches on to a few more episodes on a split decision and the scenes are shot in an instance.

It's that easy. This is not how it should be done. New technological devices should be used so that the viewers should get something back for spending time in front of the television. We should make creations to nurture the industry and leave something for the next generation to develop on," Jayantha Peiris said.

He also added that most of the past teledrama had been family oriented or set on a rural backdrop.

The Sihina Kumari team. Picture by Saman Sri Wedage

"Sihina Kumari highlights the youth lifestyle of today. Only a few creations have captured this aspect on a big scale and brought it before the audience. It focuses on an universal aspect: the clash between parents and adolescents," he stressed.

According to the team the drama carries two main themes. It projects that the new generation is well ahead in their ideas and lifestyles from their elders. Parents need to attempt to understand youths better and come to terms with some of their idea. Similarly youths need to know to show respect to their elder's advice in certain situations instead of taking up hasty and rash decisions.

"We discussed the final script with director Nalan Mendis before presenting it to the Rupavahini Corporation. They agreed to air the production as long as we introduce two new faces to the scene," Chathurika explained adding that all the technicians involved in the project are youths.

"There is a lot of activity and new ideas involved. Everyone is one their toes eager to do a good job," she added with a smile.

Manjula Dushan is the art director, Romesh Akila is the assistant director, Hansaka Gunawardena the make up artist and Rohana Hewavitharana is in charge of the settings. Priyantha Pradeep is the cameraman and in charge of the lighting. Sankalpa Randika is the editor.

The costume designers are Chandana Priyankara, Bhanu and Kanthi Gamage.

Mangala Pradeep is the music director of the tele-serial for which Prageeth Ratnayake and Nishantha Priyadeva penned lyrics. Ajith Chandana is the production assistant.


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