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DateLine Monday, 27 April 2009

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First Head of State ever to visit Kilinochchi

The People's Verdict on the President's visit to Kilinochchi

The President's visit to Kilinochchi marked the dawn of peace in Sri Lanka and the Daily News Features Desk spoke to a cross-section of the general public on their views about it.

Hemalatha, a resident of Maharagama said that she is happy that the President was serious about his actions and his promise to the people by visiting Kilinochchi. She said, "I'm sure our country will prosper and have peace as our President is committed to defeating terrorism".

A student from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Charuthi said, "It's good that the war is ending with President Rajapaksa's regime as the present and future generations shouldn't have to pay for the sins of our ancestors as we didn't want this war. It is already difficult with the war situation as the economy is going down and inflation is on the rise but with the President's willpower, peace will come to Sri Lanka". He further commented, "What is most important about the whole peace solution is that people have to come to together and set aside their differences and start a new chapter in the building of Sri Lanka.

Says a telemarketing executive at the World Trade Centre, "Even though Sri Lanka is a war-torn country, the fact that the President and the armed forces are doing something to solve the problem is a good thing because it's time to say enough is enough!"

Some said that they can't imagine how the President visited Kilinochchi saying that he isn't afraid of anything. Ayesha from Moratuwa said, "Sri Lanka deserves a president like Mahinda Rajapaksa who isn't fearful of terrorists as he takes the bull by the horns and wholeheartedly tries to solve the war situation in Sri Lanka".

Jayaratne, a veteran in the film industry said, "Fifty years after D.S.Senanayake's visit did President Mahinda Rajapaksa go there and I admire the confidence and support he has for the people after the armed forces fought it back for us". Further, he added, "I am sure that peace will become a reality in Sri Lanka very soon".

A charity worker said, "I only hope the IDPs are safe and that they are given help more than anyone else. The President's visit reveals that Kilinochchi is now safe and so are other parts of the north which is a positive sign of peace".

"People always say that nationalism is getting the better of the country but in my opinion, the world is envious that Sri Lanka is doing their best to eradicate terrorism. While the economies of the western nations crumble and fail, Sri Lanka is steadily rising with a collective effort to fight the LTTE," said an employee of a government institution.

While many are hopeful that peace will come to Sri Lanka soon, there are a few who are optimistic. The war might be over but people will have to change their mentality by accepting people from all faiths and ethnic communities.



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