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DateLine Tuesday, 3 March 2009

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Shades from within

One glance at the paintings is enough to keep you wondering and trying to measure the depth of the messages hidden beneath the layers and layers of paint which make up the abstract images emerging out of her creations. Suddenly you note the snake and the Ganesh images emerging from the folds of coats of paint.

Sri Lankan born artist Druvinka is one who pursues contemporary refinement. By mixing diverse shades of greens, reds and blues on rice paper she has brought a collection of paintings to provoke the eye of the beholder.

Her latest collection of paintings will be on display at the Barefoot Gallery from March 4 to 22.

The opening ceremony will take place on March 3 and this will be the nineth occasion that she would exhibit her work with the gallery.

“My works display freedom through colour, form, line and symbols. I basically live with my work,” expressed gifted artist who will display 16 paintings at her latest exhibition.

“I work on 35 to 40 paintings each year. I leave the canvas flat on the floor and work on each painting. I use rice paper and a lot of paint is absorbed into one painting as the colours soak in. It takes time for the paint to dry up so I am able to work at about five creations at a time.”

Druvinka is based high up in the Himalayas in India. Watercolours are the basis of her creations along with religious elements. Connecting with nature gives Druvinka the weight of experience and findings through exploration.

The yoni and the lingam play a place in her paintings along with sketches of circles, buds idols, silhouettes and shadowy figures taking form.

These are forms suggestive of tantric symbols that elucidate the complexities of the cosmology and the theme of university. After many years of working with paint her latest addition is the portrait of Ganesh in her newest collection of paintings.

A student of Shanthiniketan, India, she had mastered the tempera technique used by the Moghul painters. This form of art employs oil to be layered at the bottom of the painting while tempera is laid on top.

A chemical reaction is caused between the two layers and rich shades of blacks, browns and greys surface through 25 to 30 coats of paint.

These works comprised her ‘Beneath Beyond’ series which she had exhibited in her last exhibition in Sri Lanka in 2007. She has also exhibited her work in many areas in India and also in the U.K.

Druvinka Picture by Ruwan de Silva

She says her choice of shades comes from within her according to her mood. She mixes the bright shades with the blacks and browns to create a shade which is easier on the eyes and a viewers is most likely to come across many diverse shades of the same colour in her work.

The transparency in her work shimmers and creates a visual maze that challenges the onlooker’s consciousness. It seduced and pulls one in the vortex of multiple layers forcing compulsory participation.

Druvinka’s creations come from the heart but she also states that she also has a vague sketch in her mind which she tries to bring on to the paper. Layouts are definitely out of the picture as she believes that the first drawing embodies the best in her.

“The snake intermingles and flows through the work. It has a connection with Siva and I live up in the area named Siva’s valley so maybe there is some sort of connection between those two aspects,” she replied, stressing on the significance of the snake in her creations.

Asked whether each of her paintings have titles she stated that she refrains from naming them because she doesn’t want to impose her ideas upon the viewers.

“You will be refrained from thinking when you look at the work. You might see a completely different aspect or image in the work. The viewers are people with diverse ideas and lifestyles and it is impossible for them to get into my shoes and look at the portrait and see what I have witnessed. I want them to have their own story in connection with the paintings,” Druvinka stressed.

Her time is divided between the two loves of her life: her two sons and her paintings.

Dulitha Wijewantha’s ‘Secret of Ravana - Golden Era’:

Debut literary effort by schoolboy

When the year 2009 was named the year of ‘English and IT’, a young writer came into the spotlight with an interesting work of science fiction. A year 10 lad, Dulitha Wijewantha from Ananda College, Colombo, launched his maiden literary work ‘Secret of Ravana - Golden Era’ at the Colombo Public Library recently. As this science fiction refers to IT and computer related high-tech society, Dulitha, believes that the best period to bring his work had come within his reach.

‘Golden Era’ is the first in a series of seven volumes which he hopes to publish in the future. Although the story emerges from King Ravana’s legendary tale, the author had mingled his creativity with reality to bring a captivating tale to the readers. He develops the story while stirring curiosity in the reader’s mind so much so that you are lured to keep on turning the pages.

Dulitha with his debut novel Picture by Saman Sri Wedage

Dulitha had been a voracious reader since his primary school days. The Harry Potter series tops his list of favourites. His greatest inspiration drew out of the ‘Code Lyoko’ cartoon series. He began working on his first book, ‘Secret of Ravana’ as a cartoon script right after reading ‘Code Lyoko’. Later he decided to turn it into a science fiction novel.

The multi-faceted youth also designed the cover of his own book and worked on the typesetting. Except for a few spelling mistakes his free flowing writing style, clip-art and font suited the theme.

The outlook and content of his maiden work is a bread and butter combination. Obtaining knowledge in computer graphics through self study was a remarkable achievement for this talented young man.

Even though Dulitha is getting set for his O/Ls next year, he never let go of the time he spent for leisure activities. His passion for music led him to take up the guitar and he never misses out on his music classes and practice periods. His love for painting and art provided food for thought.

Dulitha also takes an interest in the Japanese art style called ‘Manga’. As this form of art is not popular in Sri Lanka, Dulitha spends hours on the Internet to learn more about the subject. Music and art nurtured his power of thinking and brushed up his imaginative skills. The secret of Dulitha’s triumph is this, which enabled his maiden novel to surface into the literary scene.

Speaking on his debut creation Dulitha said: “I hope ‘Secret of Ravana’ will be a new adventurous experience for young readers. I believe that it will become popular among the present generation of readership as well as with those in the future. As we are experiencing a boom in the computer and IT sectors,

young people will find this kind of work interesting. I am quite confident that these stories will catch their hearts”. “I have launched a website too. I designed it by myself,” he noted with a sense of pride.

“People who want to know more about ‘Secret of Ravana’ can log into www.secretofravana.com and all the information will be available at their fingertips.”

Many people aided him on his journey to success

“My parents, brother and loku thaththa were with me. They advised and guided me. My friends exchanged their ideas with me while encouraging me to write. I can always count on them,” he added with a smile.

He is also grateful to the Principal and teachers of his Alma Mater.

Contemplating on his plans for the future Dulitha revealed that he hasn’t given up his initial idea of publishing ‘Secret of Ravana’ as an action comic series. He believes that it will gain popularity among teenagers like the ‘Spiderman’ and ‘X-men’ comic series.

Since launching ‘Secret of Ravana’ Dulitha has received a positive response from his readers. The book is available at leading bookstores around the island. He is also considering publishing the series in Sinhala after tasting his success with the English readership.

Although writing, music and arts are a part of Dulitha’s talents he gives prominence to his school studies. He is however keen on continuing his literary work as a hobby.

Getting together to lighten up Punchi Thirey

Dancing competitions and shows are in demand. Not only are they entertaining, colourful and fun to watch but they also reveal another chapter of the immense talent that most of our artistes boast of.

The Punchi Thirae team Picture by Ruwan de Silva

A group of artistes who have portrayed many memorable roles on the mini screen have gotten together to showcase the Punchi Thirey dancing show for music and dance enthusiasts of the country. The event will take place at St. Joseph’s College, Maradana, on March 21 at 6.30 p.m. and is put together by M.N. Marketing.

The first Punchi Thirey dance show was held in Dubai with the participation of around 32 artistes. It was an immense success as Sri Lankans and all those who are residing in Dubai got a taste of Sri Lankan music and dance. With applause came demands to stage the show in local soil.

“We wish to thank Neel de Silva for giving us the opportunity to stage the maiden show abroad. It was not easy to take 50 members comprising artistes and crew abroad, especially considering the economic crisis of the country but his aim was not to earn profit but to give a taste of the best of Sri Lankan art to the audience,” said creative director of the event, Chandana Weerabaddhanarachchi. Speaking at the event, dance director of Punchi Thirey show, Shan Perera, stated that he had not got an opportunity to make use of his experience of his 19-year stint in the dance field up to that moment.

“Only a few individuals like Udayakantha Warnasuriya, Donald Jayantha and Dammika Siriwardena noted my abilities and gave me the break to make use of my skills. I have made use of a lot of hip-hop acts and some Sri Lankan as well as Indian numbers to make up the show.

Damitha and Suresh perform a dance item from the show held in Dubai

Though I took up the position as choreographer according to Suresh Gamage’s request, I am glad I agreed to be a part of the team as this opportunity gave me the free raids to compose different genres of dance acts,” he said.

“This concept derived from the fact that the television had become a part of our daily life. After a hectic day, members of the family get together in front of the television to watch a teledrama or program to release their stress.

The mini screen is full of strength and vibrancy. We chose our tracks because of the lively rhythm. Many new and young faces have joined our group to take part in the show which will be held in Sri Lanka,” said producer of the event, Neel de Silva who is also the initiator of the highly popular Ridee Reyak series.

He added that their debut show was showcased in Dubai because he himself is a resident in the country and wished the audience a not be forgotten experience from Sri Lanka and the local artistes a chance to display their skills abroad.

“We have not distinguished ourselves as a specific group. Any artiste who had contributed to the small screen can join us and contribute their share of talent to the show. We hope to dedicate one of our future shows on behalf of the forces,” Weerabaddhanarachchi stated adding that the third Punchi Thirey Dancing performance will be held at the BMICH on April 5 at 6.30 p.m.

Amavathura to be launched

Gurulugomi’s Amavathura, edited by Norman Siripala, will be launched at Dayawansa Jayakody Book Exhibition Hall, Ven. S. Mahinda Mawatha, Colombo 10 on March 7.

Siripala is the author of several other literary works such as ‘Janakavi Ashritha Katha, Sinhala Janakaviye Samaja Darshanaya, Janakavi Adyanaya, Sinhala Theravili Sivpada, Janakaviya Saha Jana Jeevithaya and Thalamal Kavi Samajaya. Amavathura is a Dayawansa Jayakody Book Publication.






Sound of Music - 2009

‘Sound of Music- 2009’, a concert comprising instrumental music will be held at the Sudasuna Theatre on March 9 at 2.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. Presented by Meeriyam Music Centre, Chilaw, the event employs a wide range of musical instruments and is aimed at giving the audience a taste of Western music.

The students of Meeriyam Music Centre will attend the event. Some of the leading professionals in music are also expected to take part.


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