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DateLine Wednesday, 12 November 2008

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Global community shunning attempts to save Tigers

A well respected Hindu astrologer had predicted to some devotees of ‘Sun God Thalavar’ that the ‘Sun God’ will die soon. The astrologer, Theventharajah, said that Prabhakaran is seriously ill and is a chronic diabetic. His insulin intake has been disrupted due to constant shelling by the Sri Lankan Air Force and he would die from diabetic complications. This is indeed shocking news to many of ‘Sun God Thalavar’s followers the world over.

Anita Pratap, the journalist who was responsible for internationalising the Tiger movement, had observed that the ‘Sun God’ is a devout follower of Astrology and has made his movements according the planetary movements. Like all other politicians, the Sun God seems to be terrified with this news. He recently appeared for a photo session with a pilot to show that he did not suffer from diabetes or any other ailment. This was as if to discount the prophesy of his own astrologer Theventharajah.

But this news item is certainly going to affect the devotees of the ‘Sun God’ and ‘Thalavar’. Recently I read of the antics performed by a learned man of medicine.

It is very interesting to study what politicians do to survive, what antics they play to the gallery, becoming sometime comedians, jesters and enacting tragic comedy.

It is unfortunate that Shakespeare is no more among the living. He would have not had time to sleep as the stories from Sri Lanka would be legion.

Let us not be too harsh on a man motivated to keep Prabhakaran and Eelam alive and kicking.

He is a sad man today as the sirens distributed among the border villages, are silent. Instead of the sirens the villages are now armed and ready to die in protection of their land and Motherland.

He was trying to reconstruct the main market building at Chavakachcheri with the blessings of the Peace deal of his boss Ranil.

If he was a traitor to the cause of eliminating the LTTE then he would not have given this tender for the Chavakaccheri MPCS without calling for tenders and appointing a pseudo engineer called Giritharan to oversee the contract. The real cost of the construction was less than the amount awarded. So the extra amount was presumably for the development of the South.

Then there was a controversy when Chavakacheri MPCS denied that and finally the whole contract was scrapped. The money that was set aside to rebuild Jaffna disappeared.

Then there is this question of a person hired on a package of Rs 25,000/- as additional manager of RRA (Resettlement Rehabilitation Authority). Being a patriot and Tiger hater, he wanted this office to be opened in Negombo claiming there were over 10,000 internally displaced people in Negombo, when the actual figure was less than 1,000. So he wanted the moneys given by various donor agencies to rebuild Jaffna to be distributed in Negombo.

Then why did a US based magazine describe him as a spy of the LTTE. This is a conspiracy by the war mongers of the Bush government.

If there was peace then this whole question of war against terror would be thrown overboard. Therefore, the CIA, FBI thought the only way to prolong the war in Sri Lanka is to call a die hard patriot a spy.

The circle of digest, a daily electronic bulletin of the LTTE wrote in their publication of 21/11/2002 that “JJ was seriously and genuine in his pro-Tamil stand and had to fight a horde of ‘Sinhalatva’ hooliganism.”

The University Students of Jaffna tried to thrash him when as the Minister of Rehabilitation and Refugees he tried to enter the place where a ceremony was held to open the school that had been reconstructed with the help of the European Union.

The students protested as they thought the government had nothing to do with the rebuilding of the schools.

Then they questioned why he did not spend government money on rebuilding Jaffna but was trying to get some cheap mileage for building schools with others’ money. In fact, many questions arose as to why Felix Perera did not lodge a complaint when he was falsely accused of murdering war hero Lucky Algama. The doctor made a complaint that he was threatened by Chandrika with death and went to the International Court to vindicate his cherished human right - the right to live.

But, the international forum did not pay much attention to his complaint. He then accused his own fellow Minister of importing stale rice and distributing it amongst the Jaffna population.

He said that to no lesser person than Pulithevan of the peace secretariat of the LTTE and unfortunately for both of them the conversation had been recorded with juicy details of the rice deal.

Making an allegation and denying it is his forte. Once he called himself a Professor and when someone asked him whether his professorial status was given to him by Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, he recanted the same.

Then, when he was questioned on whether he went the Vanni to treat injured Tigers, he said he went to the Vanni to conduct a health camp. After all, treating wounded Tigers is a humanitarian operation, who can deny this.

He had a couple of horses at his official residence and refused to vacate the house and stayed put for one year after the treacherous regime of Ranil fell.

He was found to be globe trotting, finding a method to stop the advancing armies. He went to Italy to influence the Vatican to issue a statement. The Wise Counsel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Vatican, ably assisted by Patriot Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith did not permit him to enter the hallowed precincts and he was told terrorism was condemned and the unitary nature of Sri Lanka was not negotiable.

But he was able to get some mileage with the help of a so called patriotic TV channel in Italy to prove to the world he was an anti-war hero.

He will have to accept that the world opinion has changed about the LTTE. Though many of his friends in NGOs and INGOs tried to paint the LTTE as a liberation movement. Suicide bombers have not only changed the views of the governments but also the people of Europe. Even Norway has accepted that the principle of the indivisibility of Sri Lanka is not negotiable.

Unless ‘Prabah’ heeds the call of the President and surrenders, there is every possibility of Thevantharajah’s prediction coming true.


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