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DateLine Wednesday, 12 November 2008

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Reflective landmarks in water colours

Reflective Landmarks the fourth solo water colour painting exhibition, an attempt to encapsulate the landmarks and the characters of a by gone era yet remaining unchanged, by the award winning water colour artist Sanjeewee Seneviratne will colour the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery from November 14 to 16.

“Visuals, the symbols (landmarks and characters) that remind us of the period before freedom was achieved can still be seen in Colombo and suburbs. They have been giants before our eyes since then up to date. Yet modern landmarks and characters have been able to spread their dominance over these ‘old’ ones in the same space. Yet the latter have still been able to maintain their prominence among them.

“Sometimes they are landmarks, the buildings or they may be the pace or a movement of people’s economy or lifestyle. It could even be the interference of technology that made a huge transition in our day -to -day activities” Sanjeewee Seneviratne was giving vent to his thoughts of his attempt.

“Landmarks and characters, as I see, are the reflections of that transition. This is exactly what I mean by ‘Reflective Landmarks’”.

The exhibition will be consisting of 35 pieces of which the most are of 25 by 35 cm average.

The National Museum, the Galle Face Hotel, the Old Parliament Building, the Town Hall Building, the Old Town Hall Building are some among of those Sanjeewee tries to show us through his eyes. He also brings beauty of architectural structures of religious places on his water colour paper.

The Gangaramaya Siemamalakaya, The Cathedral of the Living Saviour, Dawatagaha Mosque haven’t missed Sanjeewee’s eyes. You can see the beauty of the Cart, the man at the hand cart, basket carrier and Hindu devotees that you forgot to see in your busy day routine, don’t forget to enjoy this Sanjeewee’s exhibition.

Sanjeewee Seneviratne had been excelling his skill in the water colour painting technique of ‘Wet on Wet’ for over ten years and molded his talents as an artist while he was reading for his Fine Arts bachelors at the University of Kelaniya.

He had held several group water colour painting exhibitions Mihisara Pahasara phase 1 and 2, young contemporaries, Kuthuka 99 and Five Vision by the time he passed out from the university with an honors degree in 2002.

“There are very few veteran contemporary artists of water colour paintings in the country today for it is not taught at academic level. The other fact being no proper classical discussion on this medium the taste of the audience had not been moulded to entertain the water colour paintings.”

Sanjeewee was concentrating on why this rich art was not prevalent among the contemporaries. “After all the medium of water colour is difficult to control as the paint runs on the paper. The other special feature of this medium is its transparency.” Sanjeewee continued, “The artist has to control both the features to come up with a good piece”.

Sanjeewee Seneviratne’s pieces have been selected not only by Sri Lankan persons, universities, churches and Five Star Hotels for their collections but his paintings are there with the collections of Paul Harris, Sturt Bailey, J.L. Chawner- England, Chitra Perera-Trinidad and Trover Adams-Dubai. Young Sansjeewee Seneviratne is the art teacher of Bopabanna Junior College, Urapola, Nittambuwa. He is a past student of Bandaranaike College, Gampaha.


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