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DateLine Thursday, 2 October 2008

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Hambantota Chamber wants proper land alienation mechanism for projects

The Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce (HDCC) has proposed a proper mechanism for land acquisition for new investors in the Hambantota District.

Director General of HDCC Azmi Thassim said due to the development projects in the Hambantota district such as the Hambantota Port development project, major companies are now in the process of expanding their businesses to Hambantota.

Azmi Thassim

“We have noticed that 15 major companies have now embarked on their expansion projects in the Hambantota district. Some of them have already setup their offices and appointed management teams to monitor the operations,” he said.

“ Companies in the manufacturing process are keen on setting up their logistical hub for easy transport of their raw materials and finished products with the establishment of the new Hambantota Port. However HDCC receives a vast number of inquiries on purchasing lands and recruiting people from various companies who are willing to put up offices in Hambantota.

“The major problem faced by these investors is finding sufficient lands for their projects. Most of the lands available in the district are Government lands and investors have to go through a long process to release lands for their projects,” Thassim said.

“Today there is a huge demand for the lands in the area and land prices have gone up by 200 per cent compared to the past ten years. There is a huge demand from foreigners for lands in the coastal belt in the area,” he said.

“As the district chamber in the area, we are facilitating these investors to find lands.

The land available in the countryside belongs to the Government. There should be a proper mechanism like a one stop shop for purchasing or leasing lands for these investors,” he said. HDCC is geared up to assist these investors.

“We have launched a website to provide information for these investors and promote Hambantota as an investment destination.

“HDCC has also organised an investor forum to educate investors who are keen to invest in the Hambantota district,” he said.

“We have also embarked on a project to promote public - private partnerships for economic growth in the regional level collaborating with the Asian Foundation. Devolution of power in the country will play a vital role in the future and it is important to facilitate public - private partnerships,” he said.


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