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DateLine Tuesday, 26 August 2008

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Besieged civilians rise against terror in Wanni

A new form of terror-created “humanitarian catastrophe,” unfolding in the Wanni, as valiant members of the Armed Forces are making rapid strides on west of A-9 road and elsewhere in Mullaittivu and Kilinochchi districts, appears to have gone unnoticed to terror sympathisers, both here and abroad.

Many harrowing tales, emanating from hundreds of Wanni based “captives” speak louder and clearer, as those forcefully ejected innocent civilians are virtually held incommunicado facing Hobson’s Choice.

Tiger terrorist concentrations, now in a state of utter disorganisation and panic with more and more hurriedly picked terrorist reinforcements being sent to Thunukkai and Nachchikuda areas, pulling out most from Puthukkudiyiruppu and Kilinochchi uncleared areas, including those used by Tigers as “Tiger police traffic” men and women, have begun to mobilise Wanni civilians to be used as “human shields” since their manpower resources are fast thinning out.

On the diktats of Tiger area leaders, hundreds of civilians resident in areas such as Nedunkerny, Chemmalai, Alampil, Nayaru between Puliyankulam and Mankulam and also the public in Vallaipadu, Jayapuram and Kiranchi areas were reportedly fleeing towards Oddusudan and Puthukkudiyiruppu areas and Akkarayan areas respectively, though many of those trapped civilians insisted on entering cleared areas under the Government control.

Tigers are reportedly busy simultaneously enlisting civilians as well as LTTE prisoners, convicted for minor offences for fresh deployments, as other LTTE deserters who were kept detained after arrests, are also being moved to Welioya area after issuing “do or die” threats on them.

Civilian mobs on the other hand have voiced against those threatening acts and harassment but Tigers, in anticipation of the induction of the Security Forces into Tiger strongholds, continue to employ them for construction of terrorist bunkers and defences.

Tiger terrorists, applying maximum possible terror tactics to delay forward march of the troops in Mallavi and Thunukkai areas after Sea Tiger bases and their administrative apparatus were shifted towards Kilinochchi areas, beyond Nachchikuda, are inhumanly restricting the movement of civilians into cleared areas. Daily meetings addressed by Tigers are now routine for trapped civilians.

Tigers strictly advise them to undergo LTTE training in hideouts where LTTE political leaders go on brainwashing those trapped civilians, sources in the Wanni sector confirmed.

According to another report, a Tamil mother from Vattakachchiya village has committed suicide drinking poison over loss of her beloved two daughters within a period of three weeks while fighting against the troops.

The moving story further told that one of her daughters was to emigrate for higher studies, but Tigers had suddenly taken her away for LTTE training by force. Saddened and badly affected as a result of the lost this mother who has been working as a labourer for her survival, has committed suicide.

One more episode of a different nature has also been reported from Piramandankulam. A furious young man who resisted forced LTTE conscription following his abduction from home has reportedly assaulted his LTTE abductors.

Fearing reprisals, the affected youth has committed suicide within minutes after consuming poison.

Likewise, the father of a young daughter has resisted LTTE moves for conscription of his daughter in Piramandankulam area on July 20th, 2008 when Tigers have reached his home to take away his daughter.

However, the father with the help of his neighbours chased away Tigers and saved the day. But the worst followed afterwards. Within a matter of one day, several armed Tigers stormed his house and took the whole family into terrorist custody. Whereabouts of those people are yet to be traced, a relative who managed to enter cleared areas has told.

Tiger terrorists, busy changing their area leaders in the past few weeks appear to be hell bent on retaining as many Wanni civilians as possible in their territories. As they unsuccessfully tried in Vakarai several months back, Tigers expect the Wanni also to turn to a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ of unprecedented degree with a view to harnessing international media attention.

A self-explanatory press statement issued by LTTE political wing early this week revealed the realities of their plight. That statement LTTE has requested former deserters to report immediately back to the terror outfit.

In the same vein, the LTTE has forced Government authorities serving in Mallavi hospital to shift its services to elsewhere in Kilinochchi district, unable to face the thrust of moving troops.

The LTTE, now facing a severe shortage of cadres and other supplies are trying to use civilians as human shields.

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