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DateLine Tuesday, 26 August 2008

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Victory reflects public opinion on anti-terror drive - Minister

Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) General Secretary Minister Maithripala Sirisena yesterday claimed that the Sabaragamuwa and North Central Provincial Council election result was a reflection of the general opinion of the country’s masses.

The Minister was speaking at a press briefing at the Mahaweli Centre yesterday.

Hailing the result as an endorsement by the people with regard to Government policy on the economy and terrorism, the Minister said that after two and half years the ruling party was able to get a clear picture with regard to the thinking of the people.

The NCP and Sabaragamuwa polls was a proper barometer to feel the pulse of the public.

Referring to the downfall of both the UNP and the JVP, the Minister observed that the UNP over the years had distanced itself from the thinking of the common man.

He further opined that while UNP distanced itself from policies concerning the grassroots level pioneered by its late leader D.S. Senanayake the SLFP had embraced them with both hands.

Minister Sirisena said the people through their verdict upheld that the Government’s practical and pragmatic policies should be continued in the interest of rural masses.

“This is an election where the Government tried their policies in the courts of people.

The public opinion that emerged through the Eastern Provincial election is totally different of what the people implied through the NCP and Sabaragamuwa election.

The NCP Agro centric economy and 95% of inhabitants are engaged in agriculture. But economic crops cultivation and gem industry dominate in the Sabaragamuwa Province which is comparatively developed as against the North Central Province, he said.

Most of villages in the North Central province were under threat of terrorists. But the government removed fear psychosis from the minds of people in Aralaganwiala, Kahatagasdigiliya, Kebethigollewa and Welikanda by providing maximum security to these people, he said.

These people who were repeatedly battered by the terrorist attacks could now heave a sigh of relief under the government. The election win echoes their voice that government should retain the mission of eradicating terrorism while continuing development drive unabated, he said.



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