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DateLine Monday, 24 March 2008

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Beautiful Sri Lanka

Large crowds gathered at the Colombo University grounds on Saturday to get a glimpse of 22 balloons, each a height of a seven storey building, tethered at the Night Glow Musical Show. The Sri Lanka Balloon Festival is being held for the third successive year until April 4. Over 80 international air balloonists will take part in this two-week flying excursion-cum-tour of the island. Most of the flying will take place in Sigiriya and Hambantota. The event is organised by Sri Lanka Tourism along with the Ceylon Airship and Balloon Club. Deputy Tourism Minister Faizer Musthapha was also present. Picture by Saman Sri Wedage

Thought for the Day

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover.
- Galileo Galilei


The mind of the suicide bomber

James Joll published his book The Anarchists almost half a century before the first suicide bombing in the Middle East. But his description of the indiscriminate violence of some of the anarchists of the 19th century fits the calibrated callousness of suicide bombers, especially of the Iraqi kind.

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There’s no unwinnable war:

Only a mission to crush terrorism

It is a known fact that the Tamils living outside the LTTE held areas dissent the LTTE. This was amply demonstrated during the liberation of the East. Hundreds of innocent Tamils held hostage crossed borders without fear when the East was being liberated. This is even witnessed today in some parts of the Wanni.

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The silence of space

One aspect of the novel The Sentinel that probably hurt the film 2001 is its silence. Right to the end, that movie stalked him. When British science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke died last Tuesday at the age of 90,

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