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DateLine Friday, 4 January 2008

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Dulika, German friend help tsunami affected

Dulika would never have thought that her mere acquaintance with Natalie in Germany would one day lay the foundation for a social service which would immensely benefit tsunami hit families as well as members of low income communities in Sri Lanka.

Dulika, a Sri Lankan domiciled in Germany met Natalie at the IBTS International College where their children were schooling.


A mother of two, Dulika still retains the traits of her youthful exuberance. Her efforts to render assistance to her countrymen were eagerly shared by her friend Natalie.

The December 2004 tsunami wreaked havoc in Sri Lanka. The raging waves destroyed the lives and properties of thousands. The ripples of the tsunami were felt across the world.

Aid poured into Sri Lanka from around the world including Germany. Dulika with the help of her friends and well-wishers organised a container-load of goods and brought it to Sri Lanka.

Accompanied by a group of bhikkus, including Ven. Bandagiriye Somawansa Thera, director of the National Children’s Education Foundation, Dulika and her friends distributed the goods among the tsunami-affected families.

Having fulfilled her mission, she visited the National Children’s Eduction Foundation at Mulleriyawa where she expressed her satisfaction with the Foundation’s efforts to foster Children’s Education through Buddhism and national unity.

A majority of Dulika’s beneficiaries were from tsunami-hit areas including the East. Among the beneficiaries was an engineering student from Ampara, now an undergraduate at the Moratuwa University and a female medical student.

Dulika who met several children with their creations at the Children’s Education Foundation, Mulleriyawa, appreciated their inborn talents and pledged assistance.

Meanwhile, Dulika’s husband, Neil Peiris said that Sri Lankans domiciled in Germany together with many German nationals have expressed this satisfaction over the victories achieved by the Armed Forces against the terrorists.

They also acknowledged the benign impact of Mahinda Chintanaya on the country’s religious and cultural revival and the re-awakening villages.

Dulika’s interests were in fact diverse. When she was made aware of the educational needs of the children including the disabled youth in the villages of the North and East, she assured that on her a return to Germany she would organise a special scholarship programme titled, Luwana,’ a mix of the names of Natalie’s and Dulika’s daughters. Natalie collaborated with her closely.

During her next visit to Sri Lanka Dulika visited a housing scheme being constructed by the Jathika Hela Urumaya at Panadura. She undertook to complete one such house out of her funds and promised to supply furniture and other equipment for all the houses.

She also constructed a self-contained pre-school at the Ahangama Rajamaha Viharaya to accommodate about 50 students from the tsunami-hit families.

Dulika is very grateful to Ven. Bandagiriye Somawansa Thera who took the initiative to redress the grievances of tsunami victims.

Several undergraduates and students receiving higher education have also become beneficiaries of her scholarship programme.

Dulika and Neil before their departure to Germany expressed the desire to mobilize all their efforts to render every possible assistance to Sri Lanka, their Motherland.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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