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DateLine Monday, 17 December 2007

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Cricket virus

The Warne-Murali series have been won by the Australians and the reason for our defeat was because the Aussies played better.

The hidden agenda by the Aussies was to see that Murali doesn’t brake the world record in Australia, as they simply cannot stomach this great achievement, achieved in their presence in their soil?

A few days ago a coloured photograph was published showing Murali and Warne with all smiles mentioning they have buried their hatchet.

The Australians have a hidden agenda, with their media always accusing Murali of chucking even before he has set his foot in Australia.

The latest by Warne is to ask the England boys to make Murali work hard for the world record.

This clearly shows the hypocracy (Kata boru kivath diva boru kiyanne neha) because in any case they knew Murali was going to brake the world record which will be very difficult for anyone to brake it in future, because he has at least another four years more left in his career.

If you analyse Warne and the Australians, I think of our certain political parties because they too have the similar Warne virus.

These politicians have egg hoppers, plain hoppers, kottu roti for dinner and for breakfast have string hoppers with high ranking politicians, but to the amazement of everyone they openly criticise and condemn them during daytime? (Ra Daniel Dawal Migel).

I wonder they too have received the same Australian virus?

Rice to the fore

With the soaring prices of wheat flour and wheat flour based products such as bread, buns, rolls, hoppers, stringhoppers etc., the Government should seriously consider using rice flour. It is a well known fact that over the years, rice and rice flour have been pushed to the backyard in preference to wheat and wheat flour.

The time has now come to put in place a proper mechanism to promote the use of rice flour as is presently possible in the production of rice flour based products like bread, pastries, cakes and even pittu, stringhoppers, rotti etc. with the end result being the complete replacement of wheat flour which in turn will improve the nutritional status of the people.

Another important factor to reckon with, will be the tremendous saving in Forex.

However, to carry forward this programme, there should be State and private sector support in order to popularise these products in the market.

It is to be hoped that quick and decisive action will be taken to make the change over to rice based products without further delay.

Control of sound

I wish to express my most grateful thanks to all the writers who had expressed their opinion and observations.

The Supreme Court had given their decision on the control of sound which should be adhered by all citizens of Sri Lanka.

I suggest it is now that the religious dignitaries, artists, the elderly citizens, some engaged in meditation etc. together take up this matter with the relevant authorities to confine within the limits, as people living close to Railway Stations, rail tracks for generations, drummers in dozens using drums in the late night engaged in parades on the main highways for specific months, tooting of horns (Trains, lorries) musical horns etc. all during the nights after 10 p.m. to be taken into consideration.

It is understood that the relevant Ministry after the Supreme Court decision are engaged in drafting rules and regulations to introduce an act, wherein they too could consider the above facts for the betterment of all concerned.

Death of patient at Negombo Base Hospital

The above case has been widely reported in practically all the newspapers in all there languages. This news sent shock waves all over the country.

The latest information is that she has been raped and thrown through a window of the sixth floor.

The doctor suspect has been remanded and is warded at the hospital as he has tried to commit suicide.

What I am surprised at is the statements made by the spokesmen of the Sri Lanka Medical Council and the GMOA.

It is a well-known fact that both these bodies pay only lip service to professional ethics.

The rights of the doctors come first. Patients are treated like vermin - especially the poor ones.

They are in a mighty hurry to leave their places of work as early as possible and engage in private practice.

The SLMC states that the errant doctor is innocent till he is found guilty by the courts. We have no controversy over that.

Apart from court actions every Government Department conducts departmental inquiries and officers who are found guilty are penalised irrespective of court decisions.

In fact, the Minister has promised a full inquiry at Ministerial level which I believe is also at departmental level.

The SLMC and the GMOA wants to be neutral.

Why can’t they help in the inquiry? The statements they make do not appear to be honest.

In every Government Department there is an officer who goes through newspaper reports and sends them up to higher officers who sometimes make inquiries. Formal complaints are not necessary.

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka initiates inquiries without even complaints been received. Members are penalised even if they are acquitted by courts on technical grounds. But the SLMC and the GMOA says that they will not initiate inquiries unless ordered to do so by a magistrate.

It is a well-known fact that these two bodies are not in the least concerned about professional ethics.

Their sole interest is to safeguard their members.

Now comes a report to the effect that a doctor who was accused of rape was simply transferred to Jaffna.

I spoke to some doctor friends of mine and some hospital employees and they stated that these happenings are not uncommon in some hospitals but that the authorities turn a blind eye to them.

The public is anxiously waiting to see the outcome of the Negombo Hospital case.

Patience - easy to talk difficult to practice

This is further to the article appearing in Sunday Observer, a couple of weeks ago, on the subject of ‘Patience’ which I would like to share with other readers.

In fact, it’s easy to talk and lecture and write as well about patience. But, putting that into practice - bringing that exemplary and noble quality into our practical life is really a Himalayan task.

An orator who spoke on this subject for hours on a stage, when there was an inordinate delay in bringing the water that he asked for, lost his patience and found fault with the person who brought water for him.

A professor came to Colombo to lecture on the subject of patience. The next day without patience he did cast sarcastic remarks for not booking his seat in advance to enable him to travel back the same day.

A wasp stung a hermit once. But, he was patient enough to let it go unharmed. This insect repeated it the 2nd time. The hermit, did not lose his patience, but let it go the 2nd time too. The insect stung the hermit the 3rd time, and without losing patience he showed mercy to the creature. The disciple who observed this unique occurrence asked the master for his explanation.

The hermit’s reply was: “If the insect with 5-senses can repeat its habit of stinging, why should not a human being of my caliber, who is blessed with six senses, repeat my quality of showing mercy, blended with patience, upon an insect?

The Qur’an, the holy religious book of Muslims, says seek help from God through prayers and patience; and God is with those who has patience. Besides, it also reveals that the reward of patience is nothing but heaven.

Some do not have patience even a little bit. It looks like that there is no such word available in their dictionary. Those are the people who encounter numerous problems in their lives due to the non-availability of this vital ingredient.

There is a popular saying in “If you are patient enough to wait until the food is cooked, why cannot you be patient till it’s cooled down”.

Once a money lender started to scold the companion of the Prophet Muhammed in His presence for delaying the loan he had taken sometime back. The moment the companion lost his patience, and started to re-act by paying in the same coin, the prophet left the place.

Later on, when the companion asked the prophet the reason for his leaving the place abruptly while he was scolding the money lender, the Prophet replied saying as long as you were patient, there was an angel praying and invoking God’s blessing upon you.

No sooner when you started to scold in reply having lost your patience, the angel went away and satan took the position to invite you to commit more sins. So how can I be present at that place where a satan was influencing you.


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