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DateLine Friday, 2 November 2007

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The Royal legend is no more

Having celebrated his 80th b’day on September 17 amidst a galaxy of Past Pupils whom he had in no small way helped towards positions of eminence, the Royal Legend, our revered Guru, Vijitha Weerasinghe passed onto yet another realm on October 31.

Barring the initial preschool tenure, and a brief stint of an year at the Law College, Weerasinghe’s entire life was devoted to the cause of Royal College - first as a student, thereafter as a teacher who ended up as the Deputy Principal and finally as the Advisor of the gargantuan Royal College Union.

Disconcertingly though, he took sick on October 23 also at the Royal College Union Office from which he never

Vijitha Weerasinghe

 could recover! Teacher per excellence, Guide with an unmatchable value system, Philosopher with a sagacious insight into life, a friend with whom you could have a drink and a educative chat and a Gentleman to his finger-tips-that was Viji Weerasinghe not only to this writer but to the many thousands or Royalists who had the good fortune of making contact with him.

I am also aware how successive Principals of the School and the many members of the staff relied solely on his advice and guidance in unravelling and solving many thorny issues.

He taught us English, he taught us Latin, he taught us the Classics but above all he taught us to become good human beings. Clad in immaculate white and with an endearing smile spread across his cherubic face, he opted to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every single student and helped by an unfailing and spot-on memory, he was able to ease the problems of many a pupil.

In as much he hated indiscipline he had the courage to believe in the adage that ‘boys will be boys’. He strove at all times to instill the famous Royal traditions into the pupil fraternity and was most proud when individuals stamped their Royal class through multi-faceted achievements.

His was a life devoted to the cause of ROYAL and his outlook and only ambition was to uphold and sustain the Royal values and Royal standards. He not only remained a thorough - bread Royalists but did also help to mould many incorrigible to become useful citizens of the country by installing such Royal standards.

Indeed, Mr. Weerasinghe taught us of ‘books and men and taught us to play the game’ possibly more than any other. He was the Magister Magistorum at Royal College, Colombo. When comes another?! We will all miss you Sir! Personally, I am left bereft of my Guru to secure guidance in many areas including the Latino-English in which you were so perfect.

The frequent chats with you not only helped me to continuously enrich the command of the Language but also afforded me a new dimension within a stressful world constantly driven by selfishness and commercial gain.

Your nobility indeed and word remained a guiding light and I remember with much gratitude the strength and support your singularly gave me during my stewardship as the Secretary of the Royal College Union in order to better manage difficult situations.

Your robust personality will remain etched in my memory and I shall cherish every single moment spent with you both as a student and thereafter. The warmth and love exuded by you necessarily overwhelmed me. Thank you Sir, for all your selfless efforts which to me are immeasurable.

I loved you in life and shall continue to love you during the rest of my life and shall by way of a constant measure, bestow merit upon you in the hope that WE will once again be together in this Sansarik cycle. YOU as my Guru and I as the benefactor of your guidance and direction. You shall remain irreplaceable! May you attain the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana!


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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