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DateLine Friday, 2 November 2007

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Siddhalepa marks entry into Germany

Siddhalepa lau- nched its operations in Germany recently taking the art of healing the natural way to the world

With its entry into Germany, Siddhalepa becomes the only ayurveda company in the world to own and operate treatment centres in multiple countries.

In addition to its very own state of the art manufacturing complex, producing preparations according to

Hotel Baltic

 traditional methods in a modern setting. Siddhalepa has propelled itself into the heart of Europe, as Germany is a central hub to many European countries.

In order to offer the total ayurvedic experience in Germany, Siddhalepa has invested heavily in both training and infrastructure. All therapists are Sri Lankan and have undergone extensive training in Sri Lanka.

All doctors have also had training in addition, to a period of residence at the Siddhalepa Hospital in Sri Lanka.

Located on the second largest island in Germany, Usedom, Siddhalepa offers its services at the Hotel Baltic.

Even the chefs have been trained in order how to prepare foods that are in line with the philosophy of traditional ayurvedic healing.

Siddhalepa also insists that all ingredients and remedies are formulated using ingredients and preparations imported directly from its very own International Standard,

Sri Lankan factory and all meet the stringent approval of the German government.

Siddhalepa in addition to its, ISO approved factory currently operates the Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort in Wadduwa, the Siddhalepa Ayurveda Hospital and Anarva day spa in Mount Lavinia and offers travellers relaxation at the Business Class lounge of the Bandaranaike International airport.

The recent past has shown a significant increase in the number of travellers to ayurvedic destinations such as India and Sri Lanka.

The Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort in Wadduwa already maintains excellent links with leading travel and tour operators such as TUI, Meier’s Weltreisen and Thomas Cook, with Siddhalepa products and services now being made available in Germany.

Tourism revenue dip

With the tourism arrivals dropping in the last few months Sri Lanka would see a 20 per cent decline in both the revenue and arrivals for 2007.

Additional Director, Ministry of Tourism, S. Kaleiselvam said that the total tourist arrivals for the year would be around 450,000 which is nearly a 100,000 drop. “Last year the industry earned a revenue of around US $ 450 million and this figure will go down to around US $ 380,” he said. He said that with the industry now recovering after the removal of adverse traval advisories, 2008 would be a better year for tourism.

He said that in addition to India, the Middle East is also becoming an emerging market to Sri Lanka. “We need to further exploit this,” he said.

Third dimension to indigenous food at Spice Festival

Aitken Spence Hotels, pioneers in quality improvement practices of food preparation and service in the hotels of Sri Lanka have come up with another innovative way to add value to your holiday by offering good health and nutrition.

This new venture is “Third Dimension to Sri Lankan Cuisine”, rediscovering of our own brand of cuisine that was practiced by our ancestors. So far the culinary art has focused mainly on the taste and presentation of the food.

But now by using indigenous food items and creative improvisation these two dimensions are improved by making the food you eat are healthy - the third dimension. This is achieved by providing healthy indigenous cuisine to suite your taste buds without compromising on the taste.

Traditional Sri Lankan cuisine is known to have produced a nation of healthy people. This is evident i and various other social issues, eating habits of Sri Lankans have considerably deviated n the rural areas of the country even now.

However due to urbanization, lifestyle changes from the genuine Sri Lankan cuisine. There are over forty flavours identified in Sri Lankan cuisine. Most of these indigenous food items as well as providing nutrition contain micronutrients that are deemed to essential for a healthy life.

In addition, the vegetables and spices that are endemic to Sri Lanka have highly valued medicinal properties. These ingredients contain components that have therapeutic potential and are rich in antioxidants & bioactive properties, considered to be an essential component in a healthy meal.

Hotel School for East

The Ministry of Tourism is looking at the possibility of opening a hotel school for the Eastern Province.

Deputy Minster of Tourism Faiser Mustapha said that there is a demand for hotel sector employees both in Sri Lanka and especially in the Middle East.

“Currently we are unable to meet this demand and this is the reason we are looking at opening a Hotel school in the Eastern province,” he said.

Special offers from SriLankan holidays

SriLankan Holidays will give away a free holiday for every group of five travelling to the Far East, spicing up its popular ‘Mega 999’ holiday packages,

“Any group of five persons booking their holiday together will only pay the fare for four adults, with the fifth holidaymaker travelling for free,” says SriLankan Holidays, General Manager, Amith Sumanapala.

“As always we give more Sri Lankans the opportunity to discover new places, go shopping, get some much needed rest and relaxation and return with a world of memories.” The offer will be valid through October and November to SriLankan Holidays’ top five Far East destinations - Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kula Lumpur, Beijing and Singapore.

Apart from the popular attractions, fun activates and shopping opportunities, the Far East comes alive during October and November with annual religious and cultural festivals.

The Hindu festival of Deepavali or the festival of lights is common to most Far East nations and is a treat for any visitor.

Meanwhile, if your are heading to Singapore, don’t miss the God’s Festival - a celebration of the Nine Emperor Gods who are believed to cure ailments and bestow good fortune and longevity when they visit earth during the nine days of this festival.

In November, Singapore comes alive with the River Buskers’ Festival, where talented street performers from around the world gather on the walkways of Orchard Road, along the Singapore riverbank and Marina Bay.

Spectators can enjoy fantastic street theatre, comedians, contortionists, magicians, mimes, sword-swallowers and jugglers, all set against the glittering backdrop of the city. Meanwhile, holidaymakers to Bangkok in November can cast away their troubles at the annual Loy Kratong festival.

Held on November’s full moon, it is one of the most beautiful sights, lighting up waterways all over the country, with little floats (kratong) made from banana trunks, flowers and candles set afloat on the water. This symbolizes the casting away of troubles and a call for a happy future.


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