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DateLine Thursday, 18 October 2007

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Gamage’s energetic rise

Sri Lanka is facing a huge energy crisis today. Every industrialist complains about the high production cost

Mangala Jayantha Hikgoda Gamage

 due to the high cost of energy. Every householder complains about unaffordable electricity bills.

But there are very few on their own silently trying to find a solution to the problem.

The young Managing Director of Greener Power Corporation (Pvt) Ltd, Mangala Jayantha Hikgoda Gamage the manufacturer of Dominator Solar Power Electrical panels which saves 95% of the electricity cost decided to find a solution to the problem for a different reason.

“Having observed the pathetic ways in which the environment gets polluted due to dust, smoke and many other things I thought this is the best way to do a service for the country while making an income for myself.

“Being a nature lover I am very concerned about the protection of environment. So with my educational background and innovative thinking I started this business in a very small way and I have utilised my expertise knowledge to educate and advise on how to cut down energy cost in houses and offices in an environmental friendly manner, “ he said.

His product: Water heating solar panel

A product of Narammala Central College, Gamage later followed a four year course at the National Diploma in Engineering at Katunayake and on successful completion joined a private sector construction company as an assistant engineer in 1998.

In the meantime he had a small workshop manufacturing fibre glass at home in Dambadeniya to implement his innovative ideas in engineering. Gamage’s father Jayantha who counts over 30 years experience in the private sector as a technical officer supported him to develop this workshop to a small factory in 2001.

His maiden advertising budget was only Rs.680. A few telephone calls received in response to an advertisement in a newspaper has taken him a long way today.

“I did not even have a bicycle to go to those places so I walked up to the clients and attended to their requirements.

In 2002 he worked as a sales representative in a multinational company and in 2003 started expanding his own business at Dambadeniya with Rs. 150,000 capital and another two workers.

For the first time I introduced my product at INCO 2003 exhibition which brought me a large number of orders. Thereafter I went to all exhibitions including Techno and established my marketing network.

“The islandwide power cut in 2003 brought me luck and the demand for my product increased by eight times. I manufactured only two units a month at the beginning and it went upto ten.

I could not meet the demand due to lack of funds but my clients supported me immensely by paying 80% of the price in advanceI very much appreciate the confidence they placed on me during a crucial time’, he said.

Gamage has re-invested all the money earned from that and purchased machinery, vehicles, land and buildings required for the new factory in Yakkala.

Today he has brought lot of value to the area and has given direct employment to 12 people.

His marriage to another engineer Champa Samanthi two years ago strengthened his business as well as his personal life. She is looking after the financial matters and the workshop, while Gamage concentrates more on research and marketing.

I continue to do my own research and improve the product day by day. The success behind is the latest

Gamage at the factory

 technology although the manufacturing, cost is very high I maintain the high standards of quality even with a little profit margin, he said.

I also give high priority to after sales service round the clock everyday and I am prepared to attend to their needs immediately. This is another reason for my success.

The most popular product of Greener Power is the “Dominator” solar power water heating system distributed islandwide through eleven distributors including the Dinapala Group.

Wind turbines, wind pumps and mini hydro power systems are his other products. Gamage has also entered the export market as well by approaching Maldives, India and Oman.

Asked about the barriers he came across he said first it was financial problems then it was entering into the market which was very difficult. Then to find skilled people to work in the factory. But he started training them later.

His future plan is to give the maximum support locally to solve the energy problem while protecting the environment and expand the business through the export market. Gamage needs another Rs. five million to purchase new machinery and he is looking for an investor.


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