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DateLine Thursday, 18 October 2007

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Derana - now two years

Derana - the newest entrant to Sri Lanka’s television fray - celebrates two years of premium entertainment on 13 October, during which the channel has grown to achieve unprecedented success.

Derana has during the past two years consistently delivered on its promise of “Ape De Rakagena, Aluth De

Chairman - Derana Laksiri Wickramage

 Aragena” - contemporary content that upholds Sri Lankan values - a strategy that has translated into continuous gains for Derana in terms of viewership. Since its launch in 2005, Derana has stayed within the top half of local television channels.

The channel has also expanded its reach to cover over 90 per cent of its target groups via five sub-stations in Nuwara Eliya, Deniyaya, Gammaduwa, Kandy and Kaluthara with the main transmission tower located at Darley Road, Colombo.

Derana’s performance in its target market has been phenomenal; in the two premium socioeconomic categorizations of viewers - SEC A and SEC B - Derana has retained over 50 per cent channel share in some segments. The SEC bands are categorized according to educational and occupational data - with SEC A and B being the highest levels of categorization.

Directors - Sales and Marketing of Derana Thushara Perera says, “Our performance in SEC A and SEC B can be attributed to the very scientific approach that we have employed from day one to match the right content with the right viewer.

We have focused very heavily on high-end programming that meets the stringent expectations of viewers in the premium segments.” Commenting on the vernacular approach that Derana has taken, he adds, “This has been a strategic choice - having understood that Sri Lankans are essentially vernacular, we have catered to their language preferences.

By delivering locally developed content that is contemporary, thought provoking, well produced, and relevant, we have been able to meet the needs of the modern, youthful and patriotic viewer.”

The channel’s distinct strength has been its focus on strategic programming - which has been beneficial not just for the channel but also for its advertisers. Ad spend on Derana has consistently been above industry average - with the channel doubling revenue over the past two years.

A dedicated team tracks brand fit and the desired results vis-...-vis the programming and viewership trends, and conducts research and development into trends in quality entertainment delivery while an aggressive new product development system is place to ensure the programmes do not become outdated.

This scientific approach and careful planning enables Derana to devise long term strategies for both itself and its advertisers.

“The Derana news property has been fortified with the world’s most advanced hardware and innovative software while intense training has ensured that the news team is the most professional available” he said.


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